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Recently, Mr. Xue Liyuan, Deputy General Manager of KENGIC and General Manager of the Smart Logistics Business Division, was invited to an exclusive interview with "Logistics Technology and Equipment" to talk about "the current situation and future of the smart logistics market."

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From March 19th to 21st, LogiMAT 2024, an international logistics exhibition known as the trend vane of the global logistics industry, was successfully concluded in Stuttgart, Germany. The exhibition, with the theme of "Shaping Change Together, Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, and Ergonomics", attracted 1,580 world-class companies from 39 countries and regions to participate.

LogiMAT 2024 brings together a variety of solutions and the latest innovative developments and technological products. Many leading domestic companies are actively preparing to participate in this logistics event. Among them, KENGIC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as KENGIC) brought self-developed products and systems such as the new material box four-way shuttle system to the exhibition. KENGIC is a smart logistics and smart manufacturing system solution provider with its own core technologies and products. It has successfully delivered more than 800 integrated projects in 15 countries around the world, covering express logistics, e-commerce new retail, lithium batteries, energy storage, photovoltaics, tires, auto parts, new materials, chemical fiber, home appliances, food cold chain, communications electronics, construction machinery and other fields. This issue of Xinchuang Rong Media invited Mr. Xue Liyuan, Deputy General Manager of Kejie Intelligent and General Manager of the Smart Logistics Division, to share KENGIC participation in LogiMAT 2024.

Mr. Xue Liyuan, Deputy General Manager of KENGIC and General Manager of Smart Logistics Division

Xinchuang Media:

Over the years, KENGIC has accumulated rich experience in project implementation at home and abroad. This year, it also participated in the Japan Battery Exhibition and the German LogiMAT Exhibition. How does your company view the domestic and international smart logistics market?


Overall, the global logistics industry is facing the issue of "digitalization" transformation. The general trend of shifting from traditional logistics to intelligent logistics is beyond doubt. Therefore, the intelligent logistics market has shown a positive development trend both at home and abroad.

Chian intelligent logistics market currently has the following three characteristics. First, in recent years, the popularity of the intelligent logistics industry has continued to rise and is in a stage of rapid growth. The average growth rate in the past 10 years has been higher than 20%; second, with the advancement of technology, especially the accelerated penetration of mobile robots (AGV/AMR), intelligent logistics is realizing the refinement, dynamic and visual management of all links; third, the penetration rate of logistics automation in my country is about 20%, which is still a lot of room for improvement compared with the average level of 80% in developed countries. Globally, the demand for intelligent production and circulation logistics is still in a very active stage, among which the industrial chain represented by Chinese companies is the most active. Secondly, the world's leading intelligent logistics companies are mainly concentrated in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and most companies have achieved a global layout.

In general, whether in the domestic or international market, intelligent logistics is regarded as a key factor in improving efficiency, reducing costs and enhancing competitiveness. With the continuous advancement of technology, technical means including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data will further promote the development of the intelligent logistics industry. At the same time, with the diversification and immediacy of consumer demand, intelligent logistics plays an increasingly important role in meeting fast delivery and personalized services. In the future, the intelligent logistics market is expected to continue to maintain its growth momentum and bring more efficient and intelligent logistics solutions to various industries.

Xinchuang Media

Your company has always focused on product innovation and research and development. What products did you display at the LogiMAT 2024 in Germany?


LogiMAT is the largest annual event in the internal logistics industry in Europe. Like many leading companies in the industry in China, KENGIC attaches great importance to this exhibition and has invested a lot of energy in it. We look forward to showing the world KENGIC professional strength in the fields of smart logistics and smart manufacturing through this exhibition, and attracting the attention of global customers through innovative self-developed products and customized solutions, leading them to the digital future.

At this exhibition, KENGIC brought a new type of tote four-way shuttle system, combined with warehouse and distribution solutions such as express e-commerce and footwear and apparel industries, to show European customers more economical, green and efficient dense storage solutions.

In fact, in addition to the products brought this time, as an innovative company with its own core technology and products, we continue to launch iterative products and develop applications in new scenarios on intelligent logistics solutions: In response to the ever-increasing logistics sorting needs, this year we have launched a brand-new cascade sorter, AOI sorter, 3D sorter and high-efficiency seeding wall; in response to different warehousing needs, we have launched single-column SRM, double-column miniload, SRM type visual inspection system and other products.

Xinchuang Media:

Please use cases to talk about the specific applications of the above products in the field of smart logistics, what industries they cover, and what breakthrough results they have?


KENGIC tote shuttle system relies on modular and distributed control technology, high-order S-curve control technology, 5G WiFi seamless communication technology, power efficient management and energy recovery technology, efficient intelligent scheduling algorithm and other technologies to achieve high-density storage, high-flexibility picking, high-speed operation and other systematic advantages. For example, the tote four-way shuttle system can help customers realize the transformation from the traditional flat "people to goods" system to the multi-layer 3D "goods to people" system, and the efficiency of a single-person machine picking station can be as high as 900 order lines/hour. The efficiency of this system is 3-5 times that of the traditional Miniload system and 15-20 times that of the pallet warehouse system. Our understanding of technology-enabled industrial development is not to pursue speed blindly. We pay more attention to how to ensure the safety of products and the stability of the entire system operation in the process of improving efficiency and speed. For example, we use the current more mature PLC control module for the underlying control in the shuttle system; the power supply system uses supercapacitors as the main power supply and lithium batteries as the backup power supply to ensure the uninterrupted supply of basic power.

The tote shuttle system is currently widely used in e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, medicine, footwear, fresh food, parts, 3C electronics line side warehouse/raw material warehouse/semi-finished product warehouse/finished product warehouse, as well as some multi-floor warehouses, irregular warehouses, cross-area connections within the park and other special scenarios.

For example, in the multi-shuttle level automated storage system project in the automotive industry, we have expanded the customer's storage capacity as a whole through this system, improved storage efficiency, and realized intelligence, automation, and informatization for small warehouses; in the AS/RS distribution project in the footwear industry, we connected the clothing production line with the sorting and delivery line to realize the storage and sorting of clothing; in the warehouse distribution project in the beauty industry, we stored the loose pallet materials in the multi-tote shelves to realize high-efficiency and high-quality order sorting for toB and toC.

Xinchuang Media

At present, China continues to promote the intelligent and digital transformation and upgrading of industries. Your company has made outstanding achievements in its global layout. In your opinion, what are the differences between domestic and foreign smart logistics, and what are the breakthrough directions?


At present, there are several differences between the domestic and foreign intelligent logistics industries.

The first is the difference in development level. Foreign intelligent logistics markets are generally more mature, especially in automated warehouses and logistics informatization. Although China's intelligent logistics market started late, it has developed rapidly in recent years and the market size has continued to grow. The second is the difference in technology application. Foreign intelligent logistics may be more advanced in technology application, especially in logistics automation and intelligent technology. China's intelligent logistics has achieved remarkable results in technological innovation and application implementation, forming a development layout of "technological innovation-standard formulation-implementation application". The third is the difference in market size. The market size of China's intelligent logistics equipment reached 82.99 billion yuan in 2022, and is expected to reach 192.02 billion yuan by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.3% in the next five years. This shows that China's intelligent logistics market has huge growth potential.

In view of the above differences, I think we can make breakthroughs in technological innovation, standardization and operability, data analysis and artificial intelligence, green logistics, etc. Technological innovation: continue to promote the innovative development of logistics technology, such as drone delivery, automated warehousing systems, intelligent sorting robots, etc., to improve efficiency and reduce costs; standardization and interoperability: establish unified standards and protocols, promote interoperability between different logistics systems and equipment, and improve the transparency and collaborative efficiency of the entire supply chain; data analysis and artificial intelligence: use big data analysis and artificial intelligence technology to optimize logistics planning and management, and achieve smarter decision support; green logistics: develop environmentally friendly intelligent logistics solutions, reduce the impact of logistics activities on the environment, and achieve sustainable development. In addition, in response to the challenges brought about by the complex and changing external environment and the global economic situation and policy changes, we should strengthen our independent innovation capabilities and enhance the stability and risk resistance of the supply chain.

In general, intelligent logistics is an important trend in the development of the modern logistics industry, and there is great room for development both in the domestic and international markets. Through continuous technological innovation and market expansion, intelligent logistics is expected to achieve wider applications and deeper breakthroughs in the future.

Xinchuang Media

In the future, how will your company be positioned in the field of smart logistics and what are its development plans?


With the advancement of intelligent manufacturing and digitalization, logistics users have gradually increased their demand for efficient warehousing and distribution solutions. In recent years, providing one-stop solutions has become one of the preferred choices for more users.

Faced with the increasingly obvious situation of channel sinking and terminal sorting demand in the logistics industry, KENGIC continues to strengthen product research and development and technological innovation, providing customers with core equipment independently developed and designed; accelerating the digital transformation within the enterprise, and realizing agile innovation, large-scale customization and value services for customers through the data base and digital platform established by the company; constantly improving after-sales service, realizing real-time monitoring of equipment operation status through technologies such as 3DSCADA, increasing preventive guarantee procedures, and pre-maintaining the system.

As a leading domestic logistics system integrator, KENGIC has always adhered to the original intention of openness and cooperation, and hopes to build a good ecological industrial chain with more excellent friends in the upstream and downstream of the industry to better provide customers with high-quality products and services. Facing the current severe and complex economic situation, in order to achieve sustainable growth in Kejie Intelligent's future performance, digital transformation is the only way and new breakthrough point for Kejie Intelligent to expand industry boundaries, broaden the logistics market, and enhance its business management capabilities.



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