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KENGIC News | KENGIC won three awards in a row

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Recently, the 2024 Global Logistics Technology Conference, hosted by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, and organized by the Logistics Equipment Professional Committee of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and the International Cooperation Department of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, was successfully concluded in Haikou. With the theme of "Technology Meets the Future", the conference fully and three-dimensionally displayed the latest global industrial technology achievements, bringing the industry a feast of learning, cooperation and communication.

At this conference, KENGIC successively won the 2024 Logistics Technology Innovation Case and the 2024 Logistics Technology Equipment Recommended Brand, and KENGIC Chairman Long Jinjun won the 2024 Logistics Technology Ingenuity Figure. The awards once again proved KENGIC leading market position and superior influence in the fields of smart logistics, smart warehousing, and smart  manufacturing. Xie Zhaozhi, deputy general manager of KENGIC new energy business division, participated in this conference and received three awards on behalf of the company.

Not only "smart parts"

but also "non-standard parts" for enterprises

KENGIC won the 2024 Logistics Technology Innovation Case Award at this conference with its large-load, long-stroke, and high-precision gantry robot project.

As an automatic handling project in the new energy raw materials industry, this project is oriented to improving efficiency and enhancing customer experience, meeting customers' needs for large handling loads, long travels, and high precision. At the same time, high-precision gantry robot technology is introduced to achieve multi-robot co-beam collaborative control, helping customers achieve the goal of "reducing costs and improving efficiency."

Over the years, KENGIC has been committed to the field of smart manufacturing and smart warehousing, launching industry-leading products with superior performance, reliability and durability, injecting innovative power into traditional models in multiple fields and industries. This year, it launched new energy SRM, double-lift heavy-load AMRs, PACK automatic inbound systems and other products in the new energy field for lithium batteries, semiconductors and other industries, continuously empowering intelligent manufacturing and intelligent warehousing in the new energy field.

Not only "project delivery" 

But also a global strength "brand"


At this conference, KENGIC was also awarded the recommended brand of logistics technology equipment in 2024.

KENGIC firmly believes that only by doing every project to the extreme can we truly build customers' trust in the "KENGIC" brand, and finally form a closed loop of demand-R&D-design-application to ensure the high performance, high reliability and high cost performance of the project.

Not only a "young role model"

But also a "guide" for the company's development


In addition to the enterprise-level awards, the conference also awarded the 2024 Logistics Technology Ingenuity Figures to recognize entrepreneurs and experts and scholars who have made outstanding contributions to the technological development and progress of my country's logistics industry. Long Jinjun, chairman of KENGIC, was successfully elected. His advanced deeds reflect the innovative spirit of the younger generation to explore and the down-to-earth style of hard work.

Independent innovation is the only way for China to climb the world's technological peak, and Long Jinjun firmly believes in this. As a post-80s entrepreneur in the field of science and technology, Long Jinjun has always actively responded to a series of major national decisions and deployments, such as "accelerating the construction of a strong country in science and technology, achieving high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement", "focusing on reform and innovation, and stimulating the vitality of high-quality development", and led KENGIC to accelerate the development of new quality productivity and vigorously promote the construction of a modern industrial system with its excellent R&D capabilities and profound technical accumulation.

Adhering to the vision of "becoming the world's leading smart logistics and smart manufacturing solution provider", KENGIC has been deeply engaged in the fields of smart logistics and smart manufacturing for many years. While bringing ultimate solutions to many industries, it continuously iterates its self-developed products to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers. In the future, KENGIC will continue to deepen its own R&D and solution capabilities, create high-quality, cost-effective industry solutions, release powerful momentum, and lead economic growth with new quality productivity.



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