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KENGIC Event | CIBF 2023

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On May 16, " The 15th China International Battery Fair CIBF2023", which attracted the attention of the global industry, was grandly launched at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. The number of visitors on the first day exceeded 140,000. Upstream and downstream enterprises collectively made their appearances, and the scale was the largest in history.


As a new friend of CIBF, KENGIC is located at booth 3T077 in Hall 3, made its debut with full sincerity. The overall automation solutions covering new energy, three power, photovoltaic and energy storage fields were very eye-catching and well received.


Our Business

 Our Business


As a system solution provider with our own core technology and products, we brought a new energy full-scenario solution sand table integrating multiple lithium battery and energy storage project planning and implementation experience and a customized latent lifting AMR for the lithium battery industry at this exhibition.

From the perspective of exhibits, this new energy solution showcases smart logistics and storage solutions from raw material storage, pre-process logistics distribution, pole piece storage, chemical composition logistics systems, battery finished product storage, and module PACK storage, as well as modules. Intelligent production line solutions such as assembly, PACK assembly, disassembly/serial connection, module packaging, module testing, PACK assembly energy storage cabinet, AGV handling, etc. From the production end to the logistics end, let customers experience the space utilization rate and high efficiency of production and operation brought by professional solutions, and solve more pain points in actual operation for customers in the new energy industry.


Our Strength

 Our Strengths


The business feature of KENGIC is that after successfully implementing and delivering 600+ projects, it has accumulated accumulated non-standard customization capabilities and system integration capabilities based on intelligent storage, intelligent conveying, intelligent handling, intelligent production and intelligent informatization solutions, and provide customized oriented solutions and differentiated improvement suggestions for the pain points of different customers.

Taking the lithium battery industry as an example, especially in the high-speed conveying system of the cell section and the high efficiency/high safety/high intelligence of the chemical composition and capacity section, we can fully understand the process characteristics and difficulties, and through the integrated software management system, effectively Improve customer production capacity, while controlling quality and quick changeover, enabling the entire plant to reduce costs, increase efficiency and ensure safe production.

At the same time, as the first Chinese brand in the industry to obtain large-scale income in overseas markets, we have a complete localized supply chain supporting service and a standardized delivery system, and fully assist customers in the new energy industry to accelerate their global strategic layout.


Our Greetings

 Our Greetings

CIBF2023 will last for three days, and the battery energy will last for a long time. 3T077, we look forward to your coming to the site to discuss with us and communicate with us about the intelligent future of the new energy industry in an immersive way!



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