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KENGIC Event | LET 2023

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Hotter than the scorching sun in May is the high-burning opening of the 2023 China (Guangzhou) International Logistics Equipment and Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as LET2023), the wind vane of the logistics equipment technology industry in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

LET2023, starting with things in action, wisdom in thousands of miles.

Hall 20.1 E32, we came here in summer with undiminished enthusiasm.

New Concept and New Style

KENGIC has not missed every meeting with LET since 2019 d LET has also recorded every step of KENGIC growth.

After listing, KENGIC restructured the Intelligent Logistics Division to provide customers in the circulation field with overall solutions for logistics automation;

Merge the Intelligent Storage Division and the Intelligent Manufacturing Division into the Intelligent Factory Division to provide customers in the industrial field with overall digital factory solutions;

Increase the resource investment of the new energy business department, provide intelligent solutions for customers in the lithium battery, photovoltaic, and energy storage industries, and strive to become an overall solution provider for intelligent logistics and intelligent factories throughout the circulation and industrial fields.


As a system solution provider, KENGIC has its own core technology and products. The full-scenario intelligentfactory solutions and three representative innovations exhibited this year were eye-catching and highly acclaimed.

Relying on the R&D center and the R&D teams of each business department, KENGIC adheres to the innovation mechanism and innovation system based on the principle of being market-oriented and meeting customer needs, and develops and improves product platforms and technology platforms accordingly.


Dr. Sun Yuan, Director of R&D Center, was interviewed

At the Golden Ant Awards Ceremony, KENGIC won the "2022 Most Popular Equipment Award for Users" for its scalability in providing intelligent transformation and upgrading services for multi-industry, multi-scenario, and diversified customer companies.


Mr. Zhong Zaicha, Sales Director of South China Region of Intelligent Factory Division, received the award (6th from left)

New Future New Growth

LET 2023 focuses on production line logistics automation, warehousing and logistics intelligence, supply chain logistics, digital intelligent factory and intelligent manufacturing. KENGIC believes that, on the one hand, with the economic recovery, cross-border e-commerce and logistics business will usher in a new trend. We insist on product technology innovation centered on customer needs, and help the structural adjustment of the express e-commerce network and the integrated supply chain business development.

On the other hand, with the severe and complex changes in the external environment, manufacturing enterprises are increasingly in need of digital transformation. With the help of digital systems, intelligent warehousing, workshop logistics automation, flexible production lines, etc. to achieve lean production, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and improve market competitiveness, the demand for intelligentfactories is gradually developing from a partial to an overall semi-rigid demand stage.

In addition, our accumulated advantages in intelligent storage, workshop logistics automation and non-standard flexible production lines have laid the foundation for seizing development opportunities in the new energy industry.

In the future, the company will continue to develop the three major business segments of intelligent logistics, intelligent factories and new energy, dig deep into the pain points of the industry, and provide better services and guarantees for strategic customers with an attitude of pursuing excellence and a realistic and innovative concept.



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