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KENGIC News | Selected as the first batch of "Morning Star Factory"

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As an integrator focusing on providing intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing system solutions for domestic and foreign customers, innovation-driven is one of the important development strategies that KENGIC has adhered to for a long time.


Through the synergy of the three major business segments of intelligent logistics, intelligent storage and intelligent factory, the continuous iterative innovation of its own core technology and products, and the forward-looking, multi-dimensional and international market layout. KENGIC is making steady progress, striving for perfection, improving the service level of existing businesses, and further promoting the breakthrough and upgrading of new businesses.


Morningstar leads the way

Recently, according to the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shandong Province, KENGIC was successfully selected into the first batch of digital economy "Morning Star Factory" storage and cultivation list. "Morning Star Factory" refers to a digital-driven digital economy enterprise with outstanding innovation capabilities, strong typical demonstrations, obvious application results, and significant economic benefits.

As a local representative high-tech enterprise, KENGIC has won the "Digital Workshop Certification", "Intelligent Manufacturing Benchmarking Enterprise" and "Technological Innovation Leading Enterprise" issued by the Provincial Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and the Municipal Development and Reform Commission for many times. " Honors such as "Enterprise with Special Contribution to Scientific and Technological Innovation", and "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" recognized by the State Intellectual Property Office. Participated in the compilation and release of the first national standard for smart logistics, and passed the CMMI5 evaluation and certification representing the highest level of software capability maturity. Leading by example, it has become an important force to accelerate Shandong from a large manufacturing province to a strong advanced manufacturing province.


The Future of Intelligent


Fifth from left | Tian Kai, deputy general manager of the company

At the Qingdao High-tech Zone Science and Technology Innovation Conference held on June 30, KENGIC was awarded the certification of "Top Ten Enterprises in R&D Investment" for two consecutive years, and the gene of science and technology innovation was deeply engraved on the road of enterprise development.

In terms of R&D and innovation work, on the one hand, KENGIC insists on enriching its own core product lines, such as intensive storage series of tore/pallet four-way shuttle vehicles, high-speed miniload SRM, and heavy-duty board stack shaping RGV, etc.;

On the other hand, we customize and develop according to the subdivided scene requirements of leading customers, such as NC sorting automation solutions for the express e-commerce industry, fully automatic small-piece supply and packaging solutions, etc.;

In addition, battery capacity solutions for the new energy industry and multi-temperature zone smart storage solutions for the cold chain industry are multi-industry applications that further expand innovative achievements.

In the next step, KENGIC will firmly grasp the development opportunity of the digital economy "Morning Star Factory" cultivation project, actively embrace the transformation of digital intelligence,

In-depth implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, building a "moat" for high-growth enterprises, striving for automation and digital intelligence transformation and upgrading for customers, and providing support for the high-quality development of the digital economy.




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