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Authoritative Approval! KENGIC Passed the CMMI5 Level Assessment

Release time:2023-03-03 Browse:1303

Recently, KENGIC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "KENGIC") passed the CMMI5 authoritative assessment and certification representing the highest level of software capability maturity, marking that KENGIC software strength and management capabilities have reached the international level.


Level5 Certified

About CMMI

The CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is Capability Maturity Model Integration. It was developed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of Carnegie Mellon University in the United States and promoted and implemented all over the world. It is currently recognized as the highest-standard, most difficult, and most authoritative software capability evaluation system, which has a profound impact on the improvement of global enterprise software development processes and the development of the software industry. There are 5 levels of CMMI certification, which represent five levels of software capability maturity: CMMI level 1-completion level; CMMI level 2-management level; CMMI level 3-definition level; CMMI level 4-quantitative management level; CMMI level 5-optimization management level.

CMMI5 Certification Value and Significance

As an intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing system solution provider with global business layout, KENGIC strengthens key business capabilities by promoting standardized process construction, especially in the process of self-developed software product development: 1. Improve customer satisfaction; 2. Improve the possibility of winning new business and repeat business; 3. Increase revenue by improving quality and reducing rework; 4. Improve productivity; 5. Reduce enterprise risk.

As one of the most widely used and most recognized certifications in the global software field, CMMI can help companies understand and analyze themselves, improve the efficiency and quality of software development, guide and optimize service capabilities and levels to ensures the implementation of high-quality solutions and better meets business needs and customer benefits. Having CMMI5 certification means that KENGIC has passed a series of rigorous tests in terms of software development standardization, standardization, and maturity, and has the ability to continuously improve project management practices and provide high-quality products and services.

CMMI5 Boosts Enterprise Digital Transformation

In this evaluation, KENGIC selected six key projects involving medical care, medicine, pharmaceuticals, rail transit, auto parts, and materials. According to the CMMI5 evaluation standard, through detailed sorting and analysis by the evaluation team, it finally passed the certification.

According to the CMMI Research Institute report, the high maturity of CMMI can be used to efficiently manage innovation and improvement to ensure the implementation of results. More quantitative analysis can be used to support continuous investment in improvement and timely adjustments according to changes. This provides a lot of digital model support for digital transformation, not only escorting digital transformation from the process system, but also in the era of big data. Data models can also help companies more effectively predict the effects of real-world digital improvements. Its results-oriented, up-and-down interoperability, encouraging initiative, and reuse of assets also coincide with the requirements of digital transformation.

Under the current severe and complex economic situation, KENGIC is on the road of comprehensively promoting the reform of digital transformation. Large-scale system integration projects are inseparable from scientific and effective management methods, which is also the background of our digital transformation "mass customization for customer needs" business model.

Passing the CMMI5 certification this time is also an important milestone for KENGIC to fully promote the road of digital transformation. In line with the international mainstream, it means that in the future, the company will further achieve higher strategic goals through efficient processes, reasonable organization of resources, and delivery of systems that satisfy customers.

 About KENGIC 

KENGIC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing solution provider with its own core technologies and products. The business scope covers enterprise digital consulting, project planning, professional system integration, equipment R&D and manufacturing, software R&D and implementation, on-site installation and commissioning and continuous after-sales service. 

We takes digital consulting as the traction, lean management as the means, and provides customized intelligent conveying and intelligent sorting systems in the field of intelligent logistics; intelligent storage and intelligent factory systems in the field of intelligent manufacturing; supporting digital software system through the overall business blueprint and structure planning of customers. Help customers realize the automatic and intelligent upgrade from logistics, storage to the whole factory.

It has delivered 500+ large-scale integrated projects in express logistics, new e-commerce retail, home appliances, home furnishing, medicine and health, cold chain, auto parts, tires, new energy, new materials, chemicals, communication electronics, equipment manufacturing, and defense and military industries. 


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