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KENGIC News | Towards the multiverse of digital intelligence

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On March 21-22, 2023, the 12th China Logistics Technology Conference (LT Summit 2023, referred to as: LT Conference) was held in Shanghai. KENGIC won the "LT China Logistics Technology Award-Innovative Application Award", once again listed in the "Oscar" of the logistics industry, KENGIC is firmly on the road to the multiverse of digital intelligence.

Jerry Wang, head of Intelligent Factory Division (second from left)

Logistics Technology Award


Innovative Products

As early as 2017, the cross-belt sorter product, one of KENGIC star equipment, won the "LT Innovation Product Award", becoming the only company whose cross-belt sorter series products won this award that year. At the LT New Decade Special Ceremony in 2021, KENGIC multi-layer bin shuttle system won the "Best Product of the Year Award".

As of the end of 2022, KENGIC has obtained 250+ domestic authorized patents, has more than 38% of technical R&D talents, and has gradually improved sorting, conveying, storage, software series products and self-developed intelligent manufacturing and Intelligent logistics platform, and become a rare "dual arm" player in the industry who takes into account both general-purpose product lines and customized products in subdivided fields.

Strength Integration

Following the general trend of the times is one of the important reasons for the rapid growth of the intelligent logistics industry, and the strength of large-scale intelligent projects. It means one-stop control from enterprise digital consultation, project plan planning, professional system integration, equipment R&D and manufacturing, on-site installation and commissioning to continuous after-sales service. This is the characteristic longboard that distinguishes KENGIC from other companies.

In 2022, KENGIC applied for a customized smart panel storage and production line transportation solution for the home furnishing industry. After the project was delivered, it achieved a brilliant performance of 200% storage expansion, 100% increase in storage and output efficiency, and 85% reduction in personnel costs. The customized innovative design that meets the actual needs in multiple links such as plate shaping, conveying and software systems makes the project have a high value for industry promotion and application.


Marketing Director Shelin Xu (fourth from right)

Under the precipitation of hundreds of projects around the world, KENGIC has continuously consolidated its management foundation through a series of measures such as strengthening system integration delivery capabilities, developing project life cycle management and control models, and carrying out project engineering standardization.

On-time and high-quality delivery is the premise. The performance of the equipment system to meet customer expectations is the foundation. The stable switching operation of the project is the guarantee. Ultimately, improving the overall production and operation efficiency of customers and reducing management costs is the long-term goal. It is also the chassis that KENGIC has won the trust of customers in multiple industries and a number of professional recognitions.

Technology brings convenience, and intelligence changes the future.

In the new era of high-quality development during the "14th Five-Year Plan", digital logistics construction and high-quality development have become an urgent need for enterprise development and a better life. Serving the transformation and upgrading of global logistics and manufacturing, we firmly believe that the power of intelligence can link the routes of the times and deliver a bright future.



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