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KENGIC News | KENGIC was awarded the TOP Valuable Supplier Award

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Recently, KENGIC, a provider of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing system solutions, was awarded the "TOP Valuable Supplier Award" by TCE in Thailand. In recognition of the AS/RS project for the home appliance industry jointly launched by the two parties in 2022, it successfully helped TCE achieve stable and efficient operation efficiency one year after it was officially put into operation, and helped it further improve its business performance and customer experience.

Jon (left), deputy director of overseas project department, and customer representative (right)

The project will be implemented in October 2021 and officially delivered in March 2022. More than 15,000 storage spaces have been planned and designed, and 7 sets of double-deep stacker (straight rail/curved rail) storage systems have been customized and deployed, three-station RGV handling system, AGV handling system, jacking and transplanting system, pallet conveying system, visual online picking system, robotic arm and unpacking disk machine, etc., to realize unmanned storage and intensive storage of finished home appliances requirements such as maximizing the utilization of the reservoir area and visualizing the equipment system.


Littikrai Phokhamanee, the project leader of TCE, said: "Your company and the project team have successfully delivered a world-class intelligent three-dimensional storage system for us, and the contribution to the balance between inventory and efficiency has basically realized the automation of the entire process. Thanks for making our job easier. "

For domestic enterprises, the effective development of overseas markets and customer recognition are the best proof of their comprehensive strengths such as product technical quality, project management delivery level, and organizational team capabilities.

As a domestic industry that has clarified its internationalization strategy since 2018, successfully promoted the landing of localized business, and achieved large-scale income, KENGIC has benchmarked against similar suppliers in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries and regions. Utilizing the customized R&D capabilities and large-scale manufacturing advantages of domestic engineers, we provide overseas customers with cost-effective products and services.

Due to political, economic, social environment, cultural differences and many other factors, the delivery management of overseas projects is undoubtedly more difficult. However, based on the precipitation of 600+ projects around the world, KENGIC has formed a standardized project delivery management process, developed a standardized project life cycle management and control model, and then provides personalized and differentiated services for different customers through tailoring and customization.

Therefore, even under the influence of the three-year epidemic and the substantial increase in uncertainty, KENGIC overall overseas business is still carried out in an orderly manner. So far, several projects have been successfully delivered and landed in South Korea, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and other Asian regions, as well as in Turkey, Israel, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and other countries.


From April 18th to 21st, KENGIC will go to KOREA MAT 2023, an international material handling and logistics exhibition held at KINTEX1 Hall in Goyang, South Korea.

As the first international journey in 2023, with a brand-new intelligent warehouse distribution solution, Kejie Intelligent will demonstrate industry solution capabilities, technology and product innovation capabilities, organizational capabilities, and localized operation and delivery capabilities to global customers.

We look forward to seeing you at 1F511 HALL1!

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