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GALTS 10th Anniversary, Kejie will send you a set of shoes and clothing industry logistics solutions

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July 26-27, 2018, GALTS 10th Global Footwear Industry Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Seminar jointly sponsored by Asia-Pacific logistics magazine "Logistics Technology and Application" magazine, Footwear Logistics Innovation Development Alliance and China Logistics Product Network The conference and the "China Shoes and Services Logistics Practice Guide" were held in Shanghai. With the theme of “New Consumption, New Retail, New Logistics, New Intelligence”, the conference site of nearly 500 people gathered hundreds of logistics experts and elites in China's footwear industry to discuss the supply chain and logistics of the footwear industry. The transformation and development of technology. Qingdao Kejie Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. was honored to be invited to attend the conference with its outstanding performance in the field of smart logistics and intelligent manufacturing. It also set up a booth in this event to share experiences and colliding with the industry elites, and conducted a smooth exchange.


At present, the transformation and upgrading of the footwear industry is inseparable from the strategic innovation of the supply chain and logistics system. To create an efficient and coordinated supply chain and logistics information system, coordinate and optimize online and offline integration, and have important significance and strategic value for the upgrade and development of China's footwear industry. At the Global Smart Logistics Summit in 2018, Ma Yun proposed that logistics should be mental work in the future. Intelligent logistics will be an important development direction for improving efficiency and increasing production capacity, allowing technology and intelligent equipment to be more widely used in logistics, allowing machines and systems to gradually replace manpower and experience, from manufacturing to intellectual transformation, and let logistics Adapt to the requirements of the new era of digitalization, informationization and intelligence.

    As a provider of smart logistics and intelligent manufacturing solutions, Qingdao Kejie Logistics has developed its own core equipment for independent research and development, production and logistics, and a leading international software development team. It integrates high-tech products such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data. Technology, driven by intelligent technology, aiming at the pain points and efficiency improvement of the footwear industry, from technical consulting, planning and design, software development, equipment manufacturing, project supervision, system integration, etc., to create a shoe and apparel industry. Stationary solution. At the same time, we also provided smart logistics integrated solutions to a large number of well-known brands in the footwear industry, such as the Cotton Age, Haicang House, and Vipshop, and received unanimous recognition from customers.

    Today, GALTS celebrates its 10th birthday. This decade is a decade of rapid e-commerce development, and it is also a decade of great progress in the logistics industry. In the future, Kejie will continue its mission of continuous innovation and development of smart logistics and intelligent manufacturing, and create a better logistics system for customers with better solutions. In order to realize the promotion of the footwear industry, new consumption, new retail, new logistics and new logistics. Smart and unremitting efforts.

More shoes and apparel industry solutions, Kejie look forward to further discussion with you, together with you to write new technology of smart logistics in the footwear industry.


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