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Advertising on the courier? Can this method work?

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In the residential building in Chengdu’s Chenghua District, there is a logistics express advertising company founded by a post-90s university student. In a simple office environment, some young entrepreneurs are receiving customers who are visiting, and some are looking for customers with computer advertising needs.

The 22-year-old Guo Xing was serious and embarrassed when talking. It is because of her thoughts that this company is available. In June of this year, she found a job of distributing leaflets in Chengdu. During this period, Guo Xing found that many people sent flyers to the same person in order to issue flyers as soon as possible and throw unfinished flyers into the trash. “How can I make my ads read by many people?” Guo Xing, I thought of couriers, and now there are too many online shoppers. If the advertisement is printed on the courier, at least the sender and the recipient can be read. In addition, ad placement staff can also query the number of valid placements.



That night, Guo Xing will exchange this idea with Hu Xuemei. The 22-year-old Hu Xuemei graduated from the Computer Science Department of Sichuan University. She said that it is better to start a business anyway. The next day, they called two female students, each of whom agreed to start a business. Four female college students found their own classmates and formed a “startup team” with more than 10 people. They are divided into two groups, a group of people contact the logistics express company, with the free delivery of courier as a condition, in exchange for the advertising space of the courier; another group of people find customers who are willing to advertise on the courier.

When the order came, the courier sent the message and signed the first order. After half a month, in addition to several courier companies that are willing to cooperate, the team still has not found a customer who is willing to advertise.



Guo Xing said that some people gave up at the time and she began to doubt her entrepreneurial model. For one week in a row, she called the company's front desk twice a day, but the other party said, “The relevant person in charge is not there.” Therefore, she put the “courier advertisement” promotional material in an envelope and disguised as a courier. Transfer to the relevant person in charge.

After a week of waiting, the company finally contacted her. After the meeting, the company paid 8,000 yuan and bought two advertising spots on the express. This not only solves the team's funding problems, but also brings great spiritual encouragement. In July this year, a pre-investment of 1 million yuan was made and a BMW sedan was provided for the company.



Shen Da said that he is very optimistic about the "express advertising" industry. Guo Xing provides a good entrepreneurial concept. Although the social experience of this group of students is lacking, but the plasticity is very strong, and there is entrepreneurial passion, he is willing to cooperate with students.

After Shenda joined the team, the professionals received training in marketing knowledge and company management. Currently, they are creating the "China Express Alliance."

The day before yesterday, the company held a summary meeting. In the two-month business, 11 express companies have joined, and more than 50 merchants have placed advertisements with a total operating income of 944,000 yuan. Shen Da said that their goal is to enable the company to go public within five years.


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