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China CRRC launches the world's first 250km/h sports car

Release time:2018-07-18 Browse:878

Recently, China CRRC has released cargo sports cars with a speed of more than 250 kilometers per hour. The advantages of network, speed, cost and normality of high-speed rail freight will have a major impact on the current development pattern of domestic express delivery and freight transportation.

Compared with the high cost of air transportation, the transportation efficiency of automobiles is slow, and the sports vehicles with a speed of 250 km/h and above are safe, economical, reliable and efficient. It will be the first choice for future cargo transportation.

Appearance of 250 km/h sports car

The 250km/h cargo sports car group is based on the mature and reliable Chinese standard EMU product platform. The main key system technical solutions such as car body, brake, bogie and traction high voltage are basically unchanged, and the adaptability is improved mainly for the characteristics of express freight. The maximum operating speed can reach 350km/h, which is less affected by environmental factors. Regardless of wind, frost and snow, the distance of 1500km can be reached within 5 hours.

The faster and faster logistics has caused a qualitative change in the types of railway goods. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, express parcels, expensive jewelry, high-end digital products, medical supplies, etc. can all open the "on the road" mode.

250 km/h sports car set

Each car of the cargo sports car is fully open, and the side of the car can be opened in a large format. The forklift can directly load and unload cargo, and adopts new standard container technology for container loading, unloading, turnover, transportation and fixing. After the implementation of container loading and unloading, the manual input will be greatly reduced, which is also a key link to improve the speed of the vehicle and reduce the transportation time. At the same time, the cargo sports car group adopts virtual assembly and in-transit management system. Each container has its own fixed position on the EMU, so that the transport personnel can accurately inspect the status of all the containers on the car in the escort room. Information ensures that the whole process of cargo transportation is safe and reliable.

The 250km/h cargo sports car group will fill the gap in China's high-speed goods sports car technology field, and gradually form a railway express freight network, and establish a comprehensive transportation integrated platform with railway as the backbone.


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