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Tsinghua Economics and Management EMBA nearly 200 big coffee to help KENGIC take off

Release time:2018-07-17 Browse:992

On the afternoon of July 13, nearly 200 big coffee students from Tsinghua EMBA Level 17, D, E and F classes, with the help of Tsinghua Economics Education Center, went to Kejie and opened the section. The journey of Czech logistics. During the one-day event, let the big coffee people understand Kejie Logistics, recognize the innovative development of logistics technology, and make suggestions for the future development of Kejie Logistics, help Kejie take off and promote the rapid development of China's intellectual development.

As the chairman of Kejie Logistics and the chairman of Tsinghua Economics and Management 17th EMBA student, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Long Jinjun, received the whole reception and introduced Kejie comprehensively and clearly. Let the students have a new understanding of Kejie and have a deeper understanding of China's logistics technology.


Kejie is a system integrator based on its own core equipment, dedicated to the innovative development of smart logistics and intelligent manufacturing, and hopes to become the world's leading provider of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing solutions. In the past few years, Kejie has used its own strength to build a perfect supply chain system, and cooperated with well-known enterprises in various industries, such as SF, JD, Foxconn, etc., to provide logistics innovation and innovation in the industry. Perfect solutions to become a benchmark in the industry. This makes the Tsinghua EMBA students amaze not to be amazed, Kejie's development speed is amazing, but also has unwavering confidence in the future development of Kejie.

After visiting the factory, the Tsinghua EMBA Education Center awarded the plaque of the “Knowledge China” enterprise practice base to Kejie, and also included Kejie as a case in the textbook of Tsinghua EMBA.

What followed was the brain-burning time of the big coffee students, which was at 19:30 that night. As a case, Kejie combined the existing content of Kejie to submit countermeasures for the development plan of Kejie Logistics.

Before the formal discussion, Chairman Long Jinjun made some sharing about Kejie. In the sharing, the current logistics automation market and technology development trends, as well as the positioning, coping strategies and competition analysis of the Kejie market are more clearly explained. Kejie will further deepen the industry, develop new products, combine software development, improve supply chain and project delivery capabilities, expand international vision, and be lean and strong.

 After the sharing, the big coffee students are divided into three large groups, each group of six groups, representing the roles of CMO, COO, and CFO, as members of the shadow board, and submitting countermeasures for the development plan of Kejie Logistics.

The next day, Xueba and Xueshangda, prepared the elaborate PPT early, and explained their views from various dimensions, which caused the big coffees to fully discuss and resonate.

After the end of the sharing of the big coffee, Chairman Long Jinjun represented the management team of Kejie, thanking the big friends for their insights, letting our management team broaden their thinking and benefiting, and also represented the Kejie management team. Everyone's coming again.


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