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KENGIC Events | How smart storage upgrades furniture customization

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From September 23rd to 24th, in order to explore the restructuring, model innovation and efficiency improvement of the home furnishing industry, in-depth communication of new trends and new technologies in home furnishing logistics, comprehensively summarize the development path of home furniture logistics, research the future development trajectory, and promote the high-quality development of the home furnishing industry, The 2021 National Home Furnishing Supply Chain Conference was held in Guangzhou, China.

In 2020, the market scale of China's home building materials industry reached 4.25 trillion CNY, and the development of the home furnishing industry is closely related to our lives.

After The rapid development of social economy in these years, the people’s living standards have greatly improved, and are also affected by the continuous growth of demand in the real estate industry, as well as the penetration of new consumerism under new business models. At present, China’s home furnishing industry is facing more complex, more profound, more diversified changes.

New generation, new gameplay

Under the new pattern of the economic "dual cycle" development strategy, as one of the more important pillar industries of the national economy, the home furnishing industry meet the unprecedented challenges, and home furnishing logistics also meet the new opportunities.

In September 2020, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of New Types of Consumption with New Business Forms and New Models". With the intergenerational changes of consumer subjects, the increased of penetration rate of the Internet home market, the promotion and application of smart home products, the increase speed of multi-channel business and self-assembly, the opening of the three-child policy, and the continuous improvement of consumers' requirements for the living environment, the display of customized orientation and personalized life attitude has also become a new market hotspot.

Vice President of China Warehousing and Distribution Association,

Chief Expert of Smart Development Research, Development Research Center of the National Post Office

Wang Jixiang

As the dark horse of the industry, the custom home furnishing industry still has problems such as low brand concentration, high degree of personalization, inadequate inventory planning, low efficiency in various links, high logistics costs, and customer experience that needs to be improved.

Consumers need attitude and quality; customized home furnishing companies must respond to differentiated needs, and they must also scale production and warehousing. So how to break the game, open up the complete industry chain, and catch the step of digital upgrading?

Comprehensive system solutions, Who are you looking for?

As an integrator of system solutions for intelligent logistics and smart manufacturing, KENGIC has been deeply involved in the custom home, home appliances, and furniture industries for many years, and has accumulated rich industry experience and professional technology. Cooperative customers include GOLDEN HOME, SCHMIDT, and SUOFEIYA. , SLEEMON, Haier RRS, Changhong, Country Garden and many other well-known enterprises have integrated and implemented multiple AS/RS systems, automated sorting systems and information software upgrade and transformation projects for them, truly provide suitable solutions by targeting the individuality of different customers to meet customer needs and solve practical pain points for customers.

GOLDEN HOME AS/RS project · Customized RGV intelligent material handling system and automatic pallet distribution, palletizing system

SUOFEIYA future factory AS/RS project · Industry 4.0 benchmark project, the whole factory intelligent logistics solution

Sichuan Changhong Finished Home Appliances AS/RS project · China's first AS/RS for "5G+Industrial Internet" production lines

SLEEMON AS/RS project · Customized application of double-extension SRM for large-size mattress products

The suitable is the best

The home furnishing industry, especially customized products, have the characteristics of non-standard size, weight, and packaging. The strong non-standard attributes are also forcing digital and intelligent transformation. From the perspective of long-term development needs, the higher the degree of logistics standardization, the smoother the information flow, the wider the intelligent road, and the level of the entire supply chain will also improve, which means that the customer service experience will be better and the core competitiveness will be stronger.

Looking at the supply chain development of the home furnishing industry under the new situation, from the front-end intelligent manufacturing to the back-end intelligent logistics warehouse and distribution, the five major solutions of KENGIC Intelligent can cover the whole process of production-conveying-sorting-warehousing-distribution, focusing on the integration of digitalization and informatization to realize the real-time link and intercommunication of front-end and back-end information, provide optimized decision-making support, customize the future of home logistics for customers.

KENGIC Intelligence always believes that for system integrators, it is necessary to clearly understand the characteristics of different industries and enterprises, and provide customers with targeted and constructive solutions based on industry insights and experience accumulation.

When selecting partners, customers also need to recognize the importance of the company's digital upgrade, fully consider the partners' service capabilities and advantages, promote changes from the inside to the outside, keep up with market needs, and meet consumers' desire for a better home life .


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