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Intelligent sweeping logistics industry

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In the environment of the industrial 4.0 era, more and more industries began to introduce intelligent equipment, in order to use smart equipment to achieve the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

The fourth industrial revolution has arrived, intelligently sweeping the logistics industry

Modern society is developing rapidly, the process of globalization is accelerating, and technologies such as the Internet, Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence are constantly developing. It is bringing fresh vitality to many industries in China, and all operations are constantly being intelligent. Intelligentization has become synonymous with the times. Under this wave, China's logistics industry has also injected intelligent genes, and intelligent logistics has ushered in the "golden stage" of development.

In this highly developed society, China's logistics industry is inseparable from intelligent operation. The so-called intelligent logistics is the automated operation and efficient management of the cargo transportation process through advanced logistics network technology. It is understood that in 2020, the domestic intelligent logistics system market is expected to exceed 120 billion yuan, and the industry growth rate is expected to remain above 15% in the next few years.

The intelligence of the logistics industry is an important measure to improve the profit of China's logistics industry and reduce logistics costs. In order to promote the healthy development of China's logistics industry, China strongly supports the development of intelligent logistics, and has introduced a series of favorable policies. In 2017, China has successively issued a number of documents such as “Opinions on Further Promoting Logistics Cost Reduction and Efficiency Promotion to Promote the Development of the Real Economy” and “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” to promote the automation upgrade of the logistics industry.

Driven by the encouragement of the state, China's intelligent logistics development is relatively fast, and the pace of development of the logistics industry in the direction of wisdom will be further accelerated in 2018. On September 26 this year, the rookie announced the cooperation with the express delivery company to go online video cloud monitoring department. The cloud monitoring system subverts the traditional camera to be responsible for the recording function, and upgrades to the intelligent sensing device. Through this monitoring system, the logistics link can be identified and the problems found can be sent to the manual processing in time, which greatly reduces the output of labor costs and improves The efficiency. At present, this cloud monitoring system has been favored by express companies such as Debon, Zhongtong, Yuantong, Shentong, Baishi and Yunda.

In the development of intelligent logistics, in addition to cloud monitoring systems, express cabinets that reduce the output of end labor costs are becoming more and more popular. The state has continuously introduced policies to encourage the construction of intelligent terminal service facilities. At the same time, it has incorporated intelligent express cabinets into the planning of public service facilities, and vigorously promoted the construction and construction of intelligent terminals such as smart express cabinets.

The intelligent express cabinet can solve the end problem of the logistics industry to a large extent and promote the sound development of China's logistics industry. According to the data, the national intelligent express cabinet market in 2012 was 3.1 billion yuan. In the face of the growing demand for express delivery business, the market size reached 10.7 billion yuan at the end of 2017, an increase of 243% compared with 2012. It is expected that by 2020 China Express Cabinet The market size will exceed 18 billion yuan.

Intelligent logistics is a huge market, which is why China continues to strengthen the encouragement and support of intelligent logistics. Speaking of intelligent logistics, it is necessary to mention the intelligent unmanned warehouse, which is a special fire. The unmanned warehouse is the innovation of modern information technology application in the commercial field. All the picking and delivery in the intelligent warehouse are intelligent robots. "Understand" the instructions issued by the headquarters, and has the identification function to automatically select the optimal route and avoid obstacles. The use of these robots makes the intelligent warehouse become a veritable unmanned warehouse, which is efficient and more accurate than manual.

Now there are many home appliance giants to build unmanned warehouses to deal with thousands of express parcels. In the future development, how to speed up technology upgrades, reduce operating costs, and provide accurate services to consumers will be the key to winning the unmanned warehouse application.

In this era of innovation, China's logistics industry has also ushered in the turning point of development. Intelligent technology has injected new vitality into the development of China's logistics industry. The next step is to constantly improve smart equipment, strengthen research and development efforts, and make smart equipment for China. The logistics industry brings more long-term benefits.


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