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The rookie future park access nails, mobile phones can manage tens of thousands of square meters of parks

Release time:2018-08-08 Browse:788

Recently, the rookie and nail nail jointly announced that the rookie future park has been connected to the nail, and the intelligent management of the tens of thousands of square meters of the park can be realized by nailing, further improving the management efficiency.

Nail is an intelligent mobile office platform with multiple scene applications such as communication, collaboration, and business. After the future access to the park, the management personnel can view the real-time status of the equipment status, ambient temperature, voltage and personnel leaving the post in the park by nailing. In the event of an emergency such as a violation of personnel, the nail will also push the warning information in real time, which is convenient for the management personnel to access the processing at the first time.

Through the application of technologies such as IOT and edge computing, the park will connect the equipment in the park in the future, and the nails will help people, people and things in the park to collaborate more efficiently. In the event of abnormal information or data, the equipment will automatically alert you to the control center of the smart park, and push it to the responsible person and security personnel to ensure efficient coordination between people and things.

At present, all the staff of the park in the future, the operators in the warehouse, and the third-party fast companies such as Santong Yida and the partners of the third-party property companies are all nailed, and all the staff are based on the daily communication and coordination. Daily large and small markets can be directly connected to every staff member and partner through nailing, and the efficiency of communication and coordination is greatly improved.

In terms of park operation, the future campus will be based on the micro-application of the nailing platform, and will transfer the daily application of work order management, property management, security management, fire management, personnel management, vehicle management, etc. to a nail, a mobile phone, a nail With nails, it is possible to manage tens of thousands of square meters of parks. In terms of business online, based on the rapid development of nail application, in the future, the park will migrate daily work order management, property management, safety management, fire management, personnel management and vehicle management to the nails. Collaboration and unified control.

In the cooperation between people and things, based on the application of IoT, the early warning of all terminal equipment in the park will directly reach the smart park management platform, so that if the voltage and current of a certain equipment increase abnormally, the equipment will automatically push the warning. Go to the smart park management platform and further push the alarm information to the monitoring center, security and other responsible persons. A variety of communication mechanisms, such as read unread, DING, and smart office phone, ensure that information can be reached effectively and efficiently.


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