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"Never plug in!" Shentong and ZJS have used a new solar tricycle!

Release time:2018-08-07 Browse:883

The express delivery industry is developing in the direction of technology, security and green. The equipment of express delivery brothers is also constantly upgrading.

Recently, Shentong and ZJS have launched a number of new electric tricycles in Beijing. Unlike traditional electric tricycles, this group of electric vehicles is known as “never plugged in” and uses solar film technology to provide a steady stream of power for tricycles.

The thin film solar express car is delivered to the home delivery. The solar film is located at the top of the car and can add more than 30 kilometers of mileage per day to the courier.

According to the relevant person in charge of the vehicle R&D and production, the thin-film solar express vehicle adopts high-performance low-temperature lithium battery, and the average daily driving mileage can reach 100km, which is nearly twice the mileage of the ordinary three-wheel express vehicle. It can be charged for 3 consecutive weeks in fine weather conditions.

In terms of intelligence, the thin-film solar courier is also equipped with reversing images, which can reduce the possibility of security accidents. The vehicle also adds Internet big data collection capabilities, battery status, power generation, and running lines and miles at a glance.

In fact, before the emergence of the thin-film solar express vehicle, SF Express and have adopted similar technologies to install solar thin film power generation devices on electric tricycles to increase cruising range.

Jingdong and a Shanghai-based company cooperate to introduce a “shared express car” that also uses thin-film solar technology, which effectively reduces the time and operating cost of artificial charging, and can effectively improve the endurance capacity by 30%-50%. And effectively prevent battery over-discharge and improve battery life.

After the "shared express car" was put into use, Liu Qiangdong couldn't help but praise: "The logistics brothers continue to innovate in the clear flow plan (green logistics), and today launched a solar express car! It can reduce carbon emissions by 10,000 tons a year! Really give strength!"


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