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Internet of Things and AI Technology Drive Smart Logistics Development Defiance of Ai Ruisi Continued Plus

Release time:2018-08-30 Browse:1158

In the past ten years, around the time-sensitive development theme, the logistics industry has greatly expanded its manpower and capacity, and built a densely-invented but difficult-to-use logistics network. Now, with the empowerment of Internet of Things big data and AI technology. Logistics equipment is rapidly becoming intelligent. In December 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s “Three-Year Action Plan for Promoting the Development of a New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Industry (2018-2020)” also pointed out that upgrading high-speed sorters, multi-layer shuttles, and high-density storage shuttles The intelligent level of logistics equipment such as board enables accurate, flexible and efficient material distribution and unmanned intelligent storage. In this case, defying Ai Ruisi has become an important force in promoting the development of smart logistics by providing customers with overall warehousing logistics solutions.

Logistics equipment is becoming more intelligent, defying Ai Ruisi to demonstrate empowerment

It is understood that China's logistics and transportation market is in rapid development, the existing robot products can be applied to the basic application scenarios. With the upgrading and improvement of the standard system and the continuous upgrading of the industry technology, the logistics robot products will be more intelligent. The degree of integration with AI will also be closer. In the future, the volume of freight and express delivery will continue to increase, followed by a large demand for logistics robots, and ignoring Ai Ruisi as a leading company in the logistics robot industry, has already deployed smart logistics.

Especially after being merged into Vision Technology in April this year, ignoring Ai Ruisi combined with the resources of the headquarters to despise technology, using the advantages of artificial intelligence and machine vision technology of Vision Technology, continuously optimize the design and product capabilities of robots. By creating a smart warehouse logistics cooperation network with “eyes-brains-hands and feet”, AI technology can be better put on the ground, and on the other hand, technology can be used to empower warehouses, pick and match, even to new retail stores and the entire supply chain. Empower each aspect of the supply chain.

Independent intellectual property rights + continuous accumulation of projects, defying Ai Ruisi to drive smart logistics development

On this basis, contempt for Iris is also constantly enriching technology accumulation. For example, the 7-layer cluster scheduling algorithm with independent intellectual property rights owned by Ai Ruisi has put an artificial intelligence operation engine on the intelligent logistics IoT system through intelligent decision-making and scale scheduling. Congestion pre-judgment and dynamic task management are realized by techniques such as scheduling management of minimum unit road weight and map area division, and fine intelligent management is performed from multiple levels such as task assignment management, order sorting, and parallel, and the optimal path of the robot is planned. Improve robot productivity and overall performance.

At the same time, the theoretical design of the dispatching system supports the cluster scheduling of 700 robots. At present, the number of robots that Iris has implemented has reached more than 3,000. The application scenarios involve e-commerce warehousing, 3C smart factories, food companies, power companies, Fast-selling companies and so on. In addition, defying the iResearch single-cylinder robot cluster operation to refresh the industry record, 500 robots in the 40,000-square-meter warehouse work together in the same warehouse to create the first largest robot deployment application smart warehouse in Asia.

In the process of deploying the overall solution of the robot, based on the technical and practical experience, Iris can achieve the best solution effect by providing simulation system for different types of warehousing, through different processes and equipment, and at the same time, warehousing Deployment scenario simulation testing accelerates deployment and reduces deployment risk. In addition, Visionary also provides customers with a full range of highly automated warehouse logistics robot products and services, including IWR series robots, IRMS robot management systems, WMS warehouse management systems, IPS intelligent sorting workstations. It can be said that after three years of contempt, Ai Ruisi not only has technological innovation, but also accumulated a large number of robot application cases in different industries.

Talent reserve is a contempt for the protection of Ai Ruisi leading the industry

What is more worth mentioning is that the members of the core technology team of Vision are all graduated from famous universities such as Tsinghua University, Beihang University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Beijing Institute of Technology, in robotics, intelligent hardware, artificial intelligence, machine vision, big data, cloud computing, etc. The field has deep technical accumulation, and has more than 10 years of experience in software and hardware product development, and has the ability to transform technology into market competitiveness.

In fact, in recent years, the development of the robot industry has become an important direction in intelligent manufacturing. In order to support the development of the robot industry, the state has successively introduced a number of policies, among which logistics robots have greatly benefited. In this context, defying Ai Ruisi firmly grasps the opportunities of the times and the policy dividends, relying on the superior resources of ignoring technology, constantly carrying out its own technological innovation and driving the development of smart logistics.


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