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Read the new core of the rookie supply chain: consumers, businesses, online goods next line

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The new retail logistics makes the circulation of goods more efficient, and the victory belongs to those who run on the right track. ”

The rookie starts the double 11 first lesson. Recently, in the new rookie open logistics class held in Hangzhou, for the first time, the rookie and the merchants together showed a new supply chain solution from the factory to the consumer and end-to-end. Open class decryption, industry customization program has become a powerful engine for businesses to bid farewell to traditional logistics, to reconstruct the future together, and to drive efficient growth.

More than 100 merchants gathered together came from the first line of new retail. Most of them are responsible for the business of fast-moving, home appliances, home appliances, clothing, and home furnishing. The new supply chain is becoming the “top-ranking project” for businesses.

Under the rapidly changing market situation, the pain points of traditional enterprise logistics are becoming more and more obvious, and the risk of loss is increasing: consumer demand is difficult to predict accurately, production and sales planning is out of line, product channels cannot be opened, and inventory turnover is out of order...

It is difficult for traditional enterprises to face innovation in the future. How do old companies abandon traditional barriers? How to innovate data and organizational capabilities? How to carry out internal and external coordination? Where is the final situation, is there ability and confidence to do it? How to make everyone believe that this is the right thing?

"The more the transition period, the more the company must have the determination to preemptively, and the winners will eventually gain more." Wang Wenbin, vice president of the rookie network, said in an open class.

As the head of Nestlé (China) e-commerce sales mentioned, “After the “one shipment” is proposed, the dealers need to be cut into one family. We are very afraid of the impact, but after internal discussions, we believe that the supply of 'one shipment’ The integration of the chain is a direction. It is better to do it earlier. If you want to know why, where is the end, and whether you can do it, let the team feel that this is not so terrible."

Thinking on the New Logistics of "Trinity"

In Wang Wenbin's view, the new retail logistics makes the business more and more simple, the core is consumer accessibility, omnichannel and digital. The "Trinity" is the three main growth engines of new logistics.

The first is to make consumers more accessible. From the perspective of traditional retail channels, the biggest point of new retail is that comprehensive information is opened. New logistics has different channels to deliver goods to reachable consumers, and greatly shortens the distance between merchants and consumers.

The second is omnichannelization. Behind the new logistics, omnichannelization is becoming more and more feasible and has become a trend. To improve logistics efficiency, multiple channels must be turned into an omnichannel.

The last one is digitization, which is the most basic information system and a very important node. Since the entire logistics link is very long, especially under different and intricate channels, the digitization of logistics and the opening of information will have a very large impact, resulting in optimization of the overall situation, and even more behaviors to make the entire link more visible.


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