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KENGIC News | KENGIC creates a four-way multi-shuttle automatic storage system solution

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It is showing the development trend of intensification, flexibility, unmanned, and multi-scenario. In the context of Industry 4.0, many manufacturing companies have gradually begun to build warehousing and logistics systems as a core component of smart workshops/smart factories.

As an important pillar industry of national economy in China, the safe and controllable and intelligent transformation of the automotive industry chain and value chain cannot be ignored.

To withstand the risks and pressures of the COVID-19, KENGIC has built a multi-shuttle automatic storage system project for Shanghai Automobile Gear Works (hereinafter referred to as SAGW), a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAIC Group.

At the end of 2021, with the inbound of the 100,000 tote, it marks an important achievement in the construction of the SAGW intelligent logistics system.

Leaders of both parties attended the operation ceremony and gave guidance on further cooperation and optimization in the direction of intelligent logistics

As the KENGIC first project of automatic and intensive storage system for tote in auto parts industry, based on the processing capacity built by advanced equipment and complete system, it solves the problem that the traditional SRM warehouse is limited by the vertical warehouse height, and the equipment performance and efficiency are fixed. The problem that cannot be improved, this project is also an important boost for SAIC to comprehensively promote management reform and deepen the deployment of the company's overall development.

Project Introduction

  • The system storage area is about the size of 2.6 standard basketball courts, with a total storage capacity of up to 38,000 boxes

  • The overall planning and implementation of the four-way shuttle system for the tote, the tote conveying system, the electronic control system and the WCS system, realize the intelligent management of materials in the assembly workshop and the automatic scheduling and precise distribution of materials in the production line

  • Flexible dynamic allocation and intelligent picking, break through the storage limitations of traditional warehouse parts and improve space utilization

  • Intelligent traffic control and self-learning, realize flexible path optimization and abnormal self-healing, and efficiently adapt to the operation rhythm

  • The peak operation capacity of the system is equivalent to the business processing capacity of 19 personnel, which greatly improves the efficiency of storage and production and distribution

As one of the most influential professional R&D and manufacturing enterprises for automotive transmissions in China, it is also a powerful pioneer in the automotive industry to comply with the "ECAS" and accelerate the construction of digital intelligence. It plays a good role in demonstration and guidance, and it is also an important manifestation of KENGIC assistance for the dream of becoming a powerful country in the automobile industry.

In the future, KENGIC will also continue to penetrate into the automotive industry, plan and formulate systematic and reasonable overall solutions for customers through personalized customization, adopt advanced and intelligent technical equipment, and establish a flexible and flexible logistics system to help them reduce costs and increase efficiency and improve the level of operation and management.


SAGW is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAIC Group, founded in 1925. The company mainly produces various types of transmissions and key components for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, clean energy vehicles, and is committed to providing various transmission products and powertrain matching technology solutions for major domestic and foreign auto manufacturers. OEM suppliers and important OEM suppliers of transmission assemblies and key components of well-known domestic and foreign automobile groups such as SAIC-GM, SGMW, SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle, MAXUS, SAIC VOLKSWAGENAUTOMOTIVE, Dongfeng Nissan, Jiangling Motors, Dongfeng Motor, BAIC Motor, Hong Qi, General Electric.


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