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Release time:2022-05-27 Browse:1245

Recently, KENGIC signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement with the School of Computer Science and Technology of Qingdao University and the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering of Qingdao University of Technology and was awarded the license. It marks that the company's talent introduction will embrace the two heroes again, and the pre-position of talent introduction work and the establishment of a long-term talent supply system will yield fruitful results.

Talent line is the lifeline of the company

On May 12, Qingdao University "Double Hundred" Base Signing and Supply-Demand Matching Employment Education Project Symposium was successfully held in School of Computer Science and Technology of Qingdao University, where both sides discussed and reached a consensus on deepening the reform of talent training mode, promoting the integration of industry-university-research development, precise supply of talents and joint training of talents.

Talent strategy is always the first strategy for the development of KENGIC

On May 20, Qingdao University of Technology College-Enterprise Base Signing Contract and Supply and Demand Matching Employment and Education Project Symposium was successfully held in KENGIC. The school leaders visited the company's exhibition hall and production workshop first, and had a good understanding of the company's development history, production During the visit, the leaders of the school gave high evaluation and affirmation to the development speed, research and development capabilities, production technology and other aspects of the company.

Afterwards, the school leaders held a symposium with the company representatives. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the projects of school-enterprise cooperation, and exchanged in-depth opinions on various projects such as employee internships, summer social practice, project and event naming, and joint teaching. Finally, representatives of both parties signed the "Qingdao University of Technology Employment and Entrepreneurship Practice Base Intention Agreement" and were awarded the "Qingdao University of Technology Employment and Entrepreneurship Practice Base".

School-enterprise reciprocity

Achieve a win-win situation for enterprises, uni and students

KENGIC attaches great importance to identifying, employing and cultivating talents. The signing of the contract with the two universities has laid a foundation for the in-depth cooperation between the two parties in terms of talent training, practice and practice exchanges, etc. It is of positive significance for promoting the benign interaction between the two parties and realizing resource sharing and mutual benefit.

In the future, the company will also deeply implement the construction of internship practice bases, and work with the school to coordinate efforts in talent training and discipline development, build a long-term school-enterprise cooperation mechanism, form a regular communication mechanism, formulate practical plans, and promote the integration of production and education. Live up to the trust of universities and talents.

In addition, KENGIC looks forward to working with more outstanding universities to further explore new modes of school-enterprise cooperation and jointly promote the high-quality development of talents in the industry.


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