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KENGIC boosts the Express & e-commerce industry with its new style

Release time:2022-05-19 Browse:1470

Reviewing the impact of the COVID-19 on the express e-commerce industry, the main contradiction of the current business volume at a low point is that the supply side is blocked.

However, with the guidance of the combination of policies, the arrival of the e-commerce peak season promotion, the acceleration of the trend of small express delivery, and the improvement of the long-term industry valuation space, it is not difficult to find that when people lock down, the epidemic has not suppressed the accumulation of demand in the express e-commerce industry, but has further stimulated the optimization and improvement of the industry model.

There is a saying that a crisis is also a turning point. When the external environment is unstable, how to cultivate oneself, optimize resource allocation, build a mature logistics system, improve delivery timeliness, speed up inventory turnover, improve the quality and level of contract performance, and better enhance consumer satisfaction. In the process of cooperating with well-known customers, KENGIC is also constantly thinking and polishing to provide high-quality overall solutions.

Express industry

Three-layer cross-belt conveying and sorting project

Application of telescopic belt conveyor unloading system, belt conveying and large-package modular belt diversion system, small-parcel singulation system, steerable wheel sorting system, side roller conveying system, RFID identification system, small-parcel automatic package supply system and three-layer cross-belt sorting system, aiming at the high standards and strict indicators of this head customer, provides high cost performance while benchmarking against the international leading level on the technical side, improves the floor efficiency of the site, and helps its entire business process to speed up and improve quality.

E-commerce industry

Large-scale logistics unmanned distribution center project

The application of panoramic intelligent five-sided scanning, joint palletizing robot, gantry picking robot, AS/RS SRM, laser-guided AGV and other automation equipment. A series of artificial intelligence technologies such as visual recognition and intelligent control algorithms are used to link the whole process and the whole scene between consumers and factories, and create an unmanned "black light warehouse" that operates 24 hours a day.This is a demonstration initiative of the intelligentization of the large-scale logistics industry.

According to public information, the overall size of China's cross-border e-commerce market reached 14.6 trillion RMB in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of nearly 18% in the past five years. At the same time, traditional foreign trade is gradually moving online, and the penetration rate is increasing year by year. More than 40% of sellers on major platforms are from China. Cross-border e-commerce is becoming an important way for my country's import and export trade.

Cross-border e-commerce industry

High-automation sorting integrated system project

The overall planning includes collection, receipt, temporary storage, unpacking of large packages, weighing and signing, initial parcel sorting, cross-belt sorting, large-package sorting, temporary delivery storage, hazardous chemicals processing and abnormal parts processing, etc. .

Two-line diversion in the inbound area can effectively distinguish hazardous chemicals; innovative application of singulation system and steerable wheel sorting system can effectively eliminate the crowding problem of soft package stacks; double-layer cross-belt sorting loop, the overall efficiency can reach 40,000 pieces/hour, effectively improving the business processing capability of customers in East China.

Cross-border e-commerce industry

East China Distribution Center Automatic Sorting System Project

The dynamic weighing entry system and steerable wheel sorting system are far more efficient than traditional manual operations; the loop line for package supply and the two-way branch line greatly reduces the labor intensity of labor, efficiently handles express mail, avoids line congestion, and provides a variety of package supply records to prevent emergency failure; the three-dimensional upper and lower double-layer sorting can be used independently or shared according to different sorting plans flexibly, solving business pain points and avoiding waste.

As one of the earliest domestic system integrators involved in express e-commerce logistics, KENGIC provides global customers with mature intelligent warehousing, intelligent transportation, intelligent sorting, and intelligent information systems. Therefore, in addition to domestic business in China, KENGIC also provides services for overseas warehouses of e-commerce customers, as well as local express delivery, e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce platforms and third-party logistics companies in East Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions and countries.

The development of technology has brought us closer to the world. In the post-epidemic era, KENGIC has created an efficient, intelligent, and unmanned overall solution for customers in the express e-commerce industry.


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