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China Brand Day | Quality Manufacturing Delivers Intelligent Life

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May 10 is the sixth "China Brand Day". Brand is the common pursuit of producers and consumers, the direction of supply-side and demand-side upgrading, and an important manifestation of the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises and even the country.

The competition is increasing

According to the 2022 (12th) China Brand Power Index (C-BPI®) brand ranking and analysis report released by Chnbrand, an authoritative brand rating agency in Beijing, China, after years of brand building, Chinese brands have ranked first in C-BPI for five consecutive years With a brand share of more than 70%, its position among consumers is rock solid.

The report also pointed out that competition between brands is always present and has gradually intensified in the post-epidemic era. Chnbrand believes that the real growth foundation of a brand is "user needs", and "agility" for user needs will be the number one success factor regardless of the brand category.

Adhere to the customer first

As a provider of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing solutions, on the one hand, KENGIC polishes the product matrix in terms of brand building, always pays attention to changes in the market and customer needs, and conducts self-iteration accordingly. In the field of intelligent logistics, independent research and development for Singulation system and fully automatic small-parcel supply system for express e-commerce customers, high-speed SRM system and four-way mutti-shuttle system for material boxes for warehousing customers; Customized businesses such as intelligent factory construction, intelligent production line implementation, intelligent logistics optimization, industrial equipment interconnection, and intelligent information services.

On the other hand, relying on the deep understanding and experience advantages of multi-industry needs and scenarios, starting from the difficulties and blind spots in the production and operation process, balancing efficiency and cost, and providing the most suitable overall solution for customers.

Forging brand power

The projects of KENGIC usually have the characteristics of large investment scale, strong non-standard customization, and high entry barriers. Therefore, many large-scale leading enterprises are provided with one-stop integrated services in the two-wheel drive mode of "intelligent logistics + intelligent manufacturing". Now it covers express logistics, new e-commerce retail, home appliances, home furnishing, automobiles, communication electronics, equipment manufacturing, defense and military industry, medicine and health, materials, energy and chemical industries and many other industries.

Deliver intelligence life

With the continuous business development and brand promotion, KENGIC has accumulated rich customer resources in the field of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing systems, and formed a brand advantage. It has repeatedly won "China's Green Warehousing and Distribution Famous Brand", "China's Well-known Logistics Brand", "Salute to the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up of the Logistics Equipment Industry Well-known Brand", "2020 Recommended Brand of Logistics Technology and Equipment", "2021 Shandong Well-known Brand", " 2022 Smart Logistics Industry Strength Brand" and other honors, and was selected into the "2021 National Hard Technology Enterprise Star TOP100 List", "2021 Shandong Province Key Industry Brand Value List", "2021 National Hard Technology Enterprise Star TOP100 List" sponsored by the Torch High-tech Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology and other units. The new generation of "Qingdao Golden Flower" Cultivation Enterprise" and "2021 "Made in Qingdao" Brand Construction Key Enterprise" have been recognized, and the foundation for brand growth has been gradually consolidated.

The changes of the times and the epidemic of the century overlap. The rise of China's brand power is not only the highlight of the soft power of enterprises, but also the symbol and confidence of high-quality economic development.

KENGIC will also actively fulfill the responsibility of brand power, manufacture with high quality, and help customers in multiple industries to deliver the beauty of intelligence.


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