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How to achieve industrial upgrading in the home industry in the era of epidemic?

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In recent years, the relevant state departments and industry associations have continued to support and encourage the development of the furniture industry, promoting the development of the home furnishing industry in the direction of intelligence and personalized customization, proposing guidelines to strengthen the application of industrial Internet construction, respond to consumer demand in real time, and promote the integration of Internet industries. Although hit by the global epidemic in 2020, the overall sales of the home furnishing market fell. However, with the increasing disposable income of residents, the commercial housing sales area to maintain the upward momentum in China, a small decline in the completed area, the increase in the urbanization rate and the development of live technology to bring new possibilities for the home furnishing industry, so that Chinese furniture will usher in new development opportunities.

Among them, the smart home market in China shows vigorous development under the effect of multiple factors such as 5G, Internet of Things and the rapid development of the Internet home furnishing market. Data show that from 2016 to 2020, the smart home market scale continues to expand, and in 2020, the smart home market scale grows by 11.4% year-on-year to 170.5 billion yuan. With the increase of Internet home improvement market penetration, the smart home market size is expected to further expand and is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan by 2022.

Current status of home furnishing industry

Customized products need flexible production line support

On the basis of beauty and practicality, customized furniture can also meet the needs of users to show their individuality, so it is favored by consumers, and correspondingly, enterprises are required to have flexible production line production capacity.

A wide range of goods

A wide range of home products, including panel furniture, sofas, mattresses, supporting hardware and so on, each major category and a variety of categories of goods

Goods specifications vary greatly

Wide range of categories and the characteristics of household products lead to huge differences in specifications between goods, for example, mattresses have a range of widths from 1 meter to 2 meters, while the matching doors of closet products even reach more than 4 meters in length

Product multi-part combination

Many home products will be made of multiple components, different components can even be combined with different products, and the consequent increase in the difficulty of packing, picking, matching, sending and receiving goods

Home Industry Solutions

Our business scope includes: intelligent conveying solutions, intelligent sorting solutions, intelligent storage solutions, intelligent manufacturing solutions and intelligent information solutions. We can provide a wide range of core products and equipment to meet the needs of customers in the home furnishing industry, from various types of conveyor sorting equipment, handling equipment, automated storage equipment, non-standard customized equipment for intelligent manufacturing and software information systems, and have become a professional whole industry chain system integration service provider.

Looking at the supply chain development of the home furnishing industry under the new situation, from the front-end intelligent production to the back-end intelligent logistics warehouse distribution, the five solutions of KENGIC can cover the whole process of production-conveying-sorting-warehousing-distribution, focusing on the integration of digitalization + information technology, adopting the concept of integrated logistics design, through the bottom intelligent equipment, middle layer intelligent control system, top layer software information system and other integrated application The system is designed with integrated logistics design concept, through integrated application technologies and scheduling algorithms such as bottom layer intelligent equipment, middle layer intelligent control system and top layer software information system, to realize real-time linkage and interoperability of information from client to production end, to quickly produce customized home products and provide optimal decision support for business owners, to create home production transparency and intelligence, and to help business owners realize business overtaking.

KENGIC Case Study

As a system solution integrator of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing, KENGIC has been deeply involved in the custom home furnishing, home appliance and furniture industries for many years, and has accumulated rich industry experience and professional technology. We have cooperated with many famous enterprises, such as Gold Medal Kitchen Cabinet, France Simi, Sophia Home, Sleemon Home, RRS, Changhong, etc., for which we have integrated and implemented many AS/RS systems, intelligent sorting systems and information software upgrade projects.

KENGIC fully understands the customer's needs, deeply studies the customer's products, production capacity, business and other related data information, uses its own implementation experience in the furniture industry, after analysis and calculation, and combines 3D simulation technology and other continuous optimization and improvement of the process, and finally delivers the optimal overall solution tailored to the customer. We really provide suitable solutions for the individual needs of different customers and solve the actual pain and difficulties for customers.

Home finished products automated AS/RS project

The project has a total floor area of 250,000 sq. ft. and four levels of finished goods warehouses with nearly 7,000 bays in three major categories and six custom-made double-extension stacker cranes with a height of 26 meters and a maximum travel distance of 69 meters, with a design efficiency of 270 pallets per hour.

Plate AS/RS project

The project includes system consulting planning, solution design, complete automated logistics system, WMS/WCS system, equipment integration, etc. The project provides integrated storage and conveying services for panels required for custom furniture production. Through the integration of SRM, RGV, chain machine, roller machine, jacking and shifting machine, automatic board distribution system, palletising system, conveyor and WMS&WCS information system, the project achieves efficient and intelligent operation.

Cabinet automation spelling system project

The project covers an area of approximately 2,400 m². The complete automation system enables order-based picking and palletizing of mixed packages through AS/RS, an automatic package sorting system, a pallet conveying system, and a software implementation system.

Closet panel finished products automatic AS/RS project

This project covers an area of about 6,000 m², with 8,520 locations, the whole warehouse is about 93 m long, 60 m wide and 22 m high, with 11 SRM and 21 m height. The whole set of AS/RS system with pallet SRM as the main body meets the business needs of closet finished products such as group pallet storage, finished products storage and shipping out, and helps the furniture industry to transform and upgrade intelligent manufacturing.

We hope that through efficient and intelligent solutions, we can effectively solve the pain and difficulties faced by enterprises, help them improve information management and operational efficiency, further reduce operational costs, expand their business layout and development strategies, realize comprehensive intelligent upgrading of enterprises as soon as possible, break through the current development barriers, and build core competitiveness for the future.

We will also continue to be committed to the innovative development of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing, adhere to the intelligent technology-driven, independent R & D innovation-oriented, for customers to achieve intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing system upgrades and efforts to promote the transformation and long-term development of enterprises in the era of digital intelligence.


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