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Interview Report | Realize the deep integration of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing

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With the increasing role of logistics in the production supply chain, intelligent warehousing and logistics have become the core of intelligent manufacturing. Under the guidance of huge market growth opportunities and national policies, the potential of the smart logistics industry will be further released in the future.

Although the development prospects of the industry are optimistic, the road ahead is still full of challenges: how to realize the reconstruction and integration of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing, so as to achieve the goal of improving production efficiency, reducing operating costs, and supporting the intelligent transformation of manufacturing and modern logistics?

"Intelligent manufacturing can be roughly divided into two parts: manufacturing and material circulation. The improvement of quality and efficiency in the manufacturing process and the cost savings of storage, distribution and picking in the material circulation process constitute the grand goal of intelligent manufacturing. Realizing the interconnection and deep integration of intelligent logistics system and intelligent manufacturing system is a topic that many enterprises need to study in depth." Mr Jerry Wang, general manager of the intelligent warehouse division of KENGIC, told the reporter of Intelligent Network.

Mr Jerry Wang | General Manager of Intelligent Warehousing Division of KENGIC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Intelligent logistics is the lifeline to realize intelligent manufacturing

The intelligent logistics system realizes the orderly flow of materials between production processes and supports the efficient operation of the intelligent manufacturing system. The unified mobilization of the intelligent manufacturing system also allows the original discrete logistics links to be effectively combined into a whole, so that the entire logistics system can be rationalized.

As a well-known provider of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing solutions in China, KENGIC provides customers with intelligent conveying systems and intelligent sorting systems in the field of intelligent logistics and intelligent warehousing systems and intelligent factory systems in the field of intelligent manufacturing with rich industry experience and technology accumulation.

In the field of intelligent logistics, the system is based on the Internet of Things, which effectively connects the intelligent identification equipment (such as RFID, sensors, etc.), intelligent logistics equipment, and information control systems (such as MES, etc.) It can help companies greatly improve production efficiency, order delivery capacity, and inventory turnover levels.

Mr Jerry Wang believes that a balance between efficiency and cost is the most suitable solution for customers. Starting from the difficulties and blind spots in the production and operation process, KENGIC intelligent logistics system integrates artificial intelligence equipment, visual scanning products, intelligent sorting and conveying equipment, and sorts, selects, packs, and transports goods according to certain rules. This replaces the traditional manual operation mode, reduces labor costs, and improves the accuracy and intelligence of conveying and sorting operations.

System integration capability is the core of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing system construction

Today, system integration capabilities have become the core of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing system construction projects. Solution providers need to have rich planning and design capabilities, system integration and project implementation experience, and gather high-quality resources to customize intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing systems for customers.

For most manufacturing companies, the goal is to build a fully automated factory, so that the factory can realize less or unmanned operation from the logistics level, which is a strategic decision for the implementation of intelligent logistics system construction and factory upgrades. higher requirements.

As a professional intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing system integrator, KENGIC is guided by the needs of market users, and has built a one-stop service covering digital system consulting, program planning, integrated design, equipment development, software development, on-site implementation and continuous after-sales service. It provides comprehensive solutions including digital system consulting and planning, intelligent factory construction, intelligent production line implementation, intelligent logistics optimization, industrial equipment interconnection and intelligent information (data) services for customer enterprises. , to achieve efficient decision-making and flexible construction of the two major sectors of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics.

With a quick response to market demand and a precise grasp of the business direction, Mr Jerry Wang has also made adequate preparations for this booming market: "With the continuous integration of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing, customers in many industries will more or less need the blessing of these two concepts in the process of transformation. KENGIC, which is positioned as a provider of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing solutions, hopes to provide end-to-end service solutions for different industries with its rich experience in logistics system construction, so as to improve production logistics efficiency and enterprise competitiveness.”


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