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KENGIC News | KENGIC was honered as the "Intelligent Logistics Industry Strength Brand" Award

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On January 13, the "2021 Global Intelligent Logistics Industry Leaders Summit", hosted by Xinchuang Media and Logistics Brand Network, co-organized by "Lifting and Transportation Machinery" magazine, and undertaken by Xinhua Innovation Internet of Things Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., was held in Nanjing.

Professor Wu Qingyi, China's logistics leader, Mr. Wang Jixiang, a famous logistics expert, Mr. Wang Guowen, director of the Institute of Logistics and Supply Chain Management of the National Comprehensive Development Research Institute, and other industry pillars, as well as representatives of well-known enterprises in China's intelligent logistics industry attended the summit. The current situation of industrial development has been in-depth exchange and mutual integration, and many new ideas and suggestions for the future development of the logistics industry have been provided.

At the awards ceremony that night, KENGIC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was honered as the 2021 "Intelligent Logistics Industry Strength Brand" award.

Third from the left丨Shi Guoping, Director of East China Sales Department II

At a time when the global intelligent logistics industry is ushering in an important period of development opportunities, the intelligent logistics industry is showing trends such as the integration of software and hardware, the evolution from automation to intelligence and flexibility, and the transformation of equipment production into overall services. 

As a comprehensive system solution provider for intelligent logistics, KENGIC always pays attention to the changes in the market and customer needs and iterates itself accordingly. Integrate cutting-edge technologies, realize continuous innovation of self-developed core equipment, software, and algorithms, provide customers with standardized products and customized services, help customers innovate and implement digital supply chain management, and create new competitive advantages.

KENGIC is at the forefront of deep cultivation and meticulous work in the field of intelligent logistics. Internally, adhering to the strategy of digitization, intelligence and informatization, and continuously improving industry solution capabilities, technology and product innovation capabilities, organizational capabilities, and operational delivery capabilities; Develop the Asian and European markets, and continuously improve the popularity of domestic brands in overseas markets.

It has provided comprehensive system solutions covering digital system construction and intelligent data empowerment for many well-known domestic and foreign customer enterprises in express parcels, large-scale logistics, e-commerce retail and circulation industries. It has been awarded the "Recommended Enterprise of Logistics Technology and Equipment", "Intelligent Logistics Industry Technology Innovation Award", "Digital Warehousing Excellence Award", "China Logistics Famous Brand", "Annual Logistics Industry Intelligent Solution", "Logistics Equipment Industry International Market Development" Awards"and other honors.

Digital technology is being fully integrated into all fields and the whole process of human economic, political, cultural, social and ecological civilization construction with new concepts, new business forms and new models, bringing extensive and profound impacts on human production and life. Digital deep cultivation, coexistence and symbiosis is not just a slogan. Arming the industry with the wisdom of science and technology to promote the higher and faster development of China's intelligent logistics industry in the new era is believed to be the common expectation and future direction of the entire industry.


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