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KENGIC News | Continue to make efforts in the science and innovation sector

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On the afternoon of December 28, a research team composed of experts and leaders from the Torch High Technology Industry Development Center Ministry of Science and Technology(Hereinafter referred to as Torch center), Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau, and Qingdao High-tech Zone visited KENGIC Qingdao Innovative Digital Intelligent Manufacturing and Processing Research and Development Base, and got an in-depth understanding the company's business development and technological innovation.

Recently sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, undertook by the Torch Center, and co-organized by Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau and Qingdao High-tech Zone Management Committee, the Qingdao Field Competition was held in the high-tech zone. The high-tech zone is the host and specially organizes corporate research activities. Zhang Mu, a second-level researcher of the Torch Center, Tang Bo, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Department of Science and Technology of Shandong Province, and Lu Peng, Director of the Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau came to KENGIC for field research and spoke with specific cases to truly demonstrate the technological innovation strength of enterprises in the region.

On behalf of the company, KENGIC Intelligent CEO Mr. Long Jinjun warmly received the leaders of the visiting research group. The research team first visited the company's intelligent interactive exhibition hall this year, and learned in detail about the company's development history, corporate culture, business scope, business scenarios, and research and development products. Afterwards,  they had a look of the multi-shuttle system, the singulation system case, and a large-displacement engine intelligent production line project that is currently being installed and debugged. The two parties conducted detailed exchanges on technical highlights, product features and industrial layout. After listening to the relevant introduction, the leaders of the research team highly rated of the innovation and practicability of the research and development products of KENGIC, and expressed great affirmation for the high research and active investment of KENGIC in technological innovation.

KENGIC has accumulated rich experience in product technology research and development, can accurately capture the pain points and difficult problems in the market, and make targeted innovation and breakthroughs, continue to develop products that meet customers and the market, and create an efficient and collaborative overall digital intelligence solution and establish own competitive advantage. For example, the "goods-to-person" solution represented by the four-way multi-shuttle system newly developed this year can greatly improve the operation efficiency and the correct rate of dismantling and picking in the dense storage environment. It has a modular design, fast and efficient, Intelligent algorithm, safety and stability, high cost performance, wide application range, etc., has become one of the ideal storage and distribution integrated solutions; when the front-end parcel supply mode of the domestic automated sorting system has not fully reached the ideal fully automatic parcel supply mode, the difference in manual physical strength and ability and the idle degree of online carts will affect the back-end automatic sorting system. Taking full advantage of this pain point problem at an overall level, KENGIC has also concentrated on researching and developing a fully automatic infeed introduction system solution, which can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of infeed, and realize the unmanned operation of the whole process from unpacking the parcel to the intermediate link of the cross belt or steerable wheel sorting.

The company has always insisted on being driven by intelligent technology, rooted in product research and development and technological innovation, focusing on in-depth research in key areas such as intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing product performance and efficiency improvement, core software algorithm design optimization, and through core technology breakthroughs to improve product performance system efficiency and competitiveness, empower client companies to develop toward platform, integration, information, and lean development. At present, our self-developed core equipment and overall solutions have been widely used in express logistics, e-commerce new retail, home appliances, home furnishings, automobiles, communication electronics, equipment manufacturing, national defense and military industry, medicine and health, materials, energy and chemical industries, etc. , The project site covers some mainstream countries and regions across the country and overseas.

In the future, KENGIC will continue to adhere to the development concept of "gathering industry elites and creating world brand", relying on the broad platform provided by Shandong Province and Qingdao City to vigorously promote the development of enterprises, market-oriented, continuous breakthroughs and innovations, and strengthen core competition Strength, inject new momentum for technological innovation and development into the high-tech zone, and provide assistance for the vigorous development of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing industries.


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