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KENGIC News | KENGIC was successfully selected by 4 heavyweight lists!

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Recently, KENGIC was successfully selected as Qingdao Municipal Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise (Artificial Intelligence) in 2021, a new generation of "Qingdao Golden Flower" incubation enterprise in 2021, "Made in Qingdao" Brand building key enterprises in 2021, and the second batch of Qingdao City Innovative Product Recommendation Catalogue for 2021, which selected by the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology.

Qingdao Municipal Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise (Artificial Intelligence) in 2021

As a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise, KENGIC has undertaken the construction of Qingdao Logistics Intelligent Equipment and Intelligent System Technology Center and Qingdao Enterprise Technology Center; the company has passed the quality management system, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system, and intellectual property management system , CMMI maturity level three certification, the innovative digital processing and scientific research base can save more than 30% of operating energy consumption and reduce pollutant emissions by more than 40% compared with traditional factories.

Participated in 1 national scientific research project, undertook 1 key research and development project of Qingdao Science and Technology Plan; more than ten provincial and municipal projects, including the first major technical equipment project in Shandong Province, the first high-end software in Shandong Province, the "555" digital workshop of Qingdao Industrial Internet, and the integration of industrialization and industrialization projects in Qingdao; won the "Specialized and New" SMEs in Shandong Province, Qingdao High-tech High-growth Enterprise, Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award, Qingdao Second Middle School Student Career Experience Base, Tsinghua University Economic Management EMBA Education Center "Knowing Action China" Enterprise Practice Base and other honor

A new generation of "Qingdao Golden Flower" incubation enterprise in 2021

Demonstrate the brand power of Made in China

Interpreting the growth of cities and brands

After Qingdao put forward the slogan of "Industrial Internet" in 2013, Qingdao's manufacturing enterprises worked hard to move towards "Internet+". The "14th Five-Year Plan" period is a crucial period for Qingdao to thoroughly implement the new development concept, accelerate the construction of a new development pattern, "invigorate a city" at a higher level, build "the world's industrial Internet capital", and accelerate the construction of a modern international metropolis.

As a new generation of "Qingdao Golden Flower" incubation enterprise, KENGIC adheres to the development position of a professional system integrator with its own core technology and products, from the aspects of enterprise digital system construction, intelligent data empowerment, and the combination of software and hardware to build core competitiveness, under the current new development pattern of domestic and international dual cycles as the main body, actively respond to the mission of the times, conform to the general trend of industrial development, play a role of demonstration and lead, set industry benchmarks, market demand-oriented, rationalize globalization, and tell the strength of Chinese brands for the development of logistics system automation

"Made in Qingdao" Brand building key enterprises in 2021

|Build a core brand + build a business ecosystem + systematic management and control

In order to consolidate the "Qingdao Golden Flower" enterprise cultivation echelon, tell the story of Qingdao manufacturing brand, and improve the corporate brand communication ability, Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology has established the "Qingdao Manufacturing Brand Construction Key Enterprise Database", and strives to build a high reputation, strong innovation, "Qingdao Manufacturing Brand" enterprise with extensive influence at home and abroad.

As a leading scientific and technological innovation enterprise in Qingdao, focusing on "KENGIC" as the main brand promotion strategy, we have built a brand ecosystem of five business sectors: intelligent factory, intelligent warehousing, intelligent transportation, intelligent sorting, and intelligent informatization, and established an elite brand management and marketing team. From multiple perspectives such as brand strategy planning and organization and implementation, brand knowledge training, brand marketing communication, brand property rights protection, and macro-monitoring of the company’s brand operations in various departments, the system will continue to enrich the business brand and sub-brands, and make every effort to shape KENGICBrand name card, spread the voice of KENGIC, let the brand vision of "becoming the world's leading provider of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing solutions" deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

The second batch of Qingdao City Innovative Product Recommendation Catalogue for 2021

According to the second batch of Qingdao's innovative product recommendation catalog for 2021 announced by the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, KENGIC automatic express logistics infeed sorting system AFS6000 (Fully Automatic Shipping Supply System) was successfully selected.

It is mainly used in the front end of the automated sorting system, and consists of a stacked parcel separation belt conveyor, a scattering belt conveyor, a singualation belt conveyor, a vision system, a stacked parcel detection belt conveyor and a steerable wheel. The stacked parcel is separated by the stacked separation belt conveyor, and the gap is opened by the scattering belt conveyor to enter the singulation belt conveyor. At the same time, the real-time position of the goods is captured by the vision system, and the optimal separation order and path are calculated through the algorithm. Then the singualtion belt conveyor adjusts the posture of the goods to realize the separation, pulling distance and queuing of the package, and then detects by the stacked detection belt conveyor, and finally removes it by the steerable wheel.

The conveying efficiency of a single set can reach 8000 pieces/hour, the separation accuracy of a single piece is as high as 99.9%, and the conveying height of the thinnest express can be as low as 1mm. It can replace labor in many field applications, improve efficiency, and is highly praised by customers.

We feel the glory of the crown, and also take the greater responsibility. It is not only an affirmation of the current development of KENGIC, but also an encouragement to the future progress of KENGIC.

The company will continue to "gather industry elites and create a world brand" attitude, focus on intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing industries, dig deep into demand, precise positioning, continuous innovation, and help "Made in Qingdao" brand building and national technological innovation demonstration enterprise echelon construction. Create greater value for customers in multiple industries.


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