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Project Sharing | Let the automatic sorting solution solve your problems!

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According to the "In-depth Report on Cross-border E-commerce Logistics Industry in 2021", the compound annual growth rate of total imports and exports of China foreign trade industry from 1992 to 2001 reached 18.6%. The rise of B2B cross-border e-commerce has increased the compound growth rate of imports and exports to 23.2%. In the past five years, with the upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the wave of brands going overseas, the B2C cross-border e-commerce model has emerged, and the foreign trade industry has shown structural improvements. In addition, the epidemic has boosted overseas retail online demand and catalyzed policy dividends. The cross-border e-commerce logistics industry is booming.

Compared with traditional cross-border logistics, the business chain of cross-border e-commerce logistics is longer, the process is more complicated, and the overall logistics cost is higher. The degree of informatization and automation of cross-border e-commerce logistics service providers in product storage, transportation, sorting, distribution, return and exchange is directly related to the control of the entire process. It directly affects the timeliness of logistics services and consumer service experience. Therefore, it is urgent to promote refined management, improve the level of intelligence, and realize the upgrade of digital intelligence.


CNE Express was established in 2003. It focuses on international parcels and self-operated dedicated lines. Its service network reaches mainstream countries in the world such as Europe, North America, Latin America, East Asia and Southeast Asia, and its domestic outlets are mainly in East China and South China. As China's leading cross-border e-commerce logistics service provider, CNE has become the preferred channel for tens of thousands of cross-border e-commerce sellers with its intelligent, efficient and professional service process. It is also the official partner of Amazon, Wish, AliExpress, Dhgate, Vova, Joom and other platforms.

Due to business development needs, CNE Express cooperated with KENGIC Intelligent to plan and construct its first large-scale automatic sorting site - the automatic sorting integrated system project of the East China Intelligent Distribution Center in 2021. Comprehensive processing capacity of 1 million pieces per day in the first phase of the design. The overall planning includes collection, receipt, temporary storage, large package unpacking, weighing and label replacement, initial parcel sorting, cross belt sorting, large package sorting, temporary storage of shipments, handling of hazardous chemicals and handling of abnormal parts, etc. The application of intelligent conveying system, intelligent sorting system, visual scanning system, electrical control system and WCS information system can effectively enhance the business processing capacity in East China.

The goods handled at this site are mainly divided into three types: transshipment parts from outside warehouses, express delivery parts from customers and pick-up by drivers. The packaging forms are mostly snakeskin bags and some cartons. After being received by the telescopic belt conveyor and scanned after receiving the goods, the goods information will be uploaded to the system, and then the large parcel will be unpacked and weighed&singed into the automatic sorting line. The singulation system and the steerable wheel sorting system will separate and pre-sort the parcels, and then send them to the induction area through the belt conveyor system. After the destination sorting is completed by the double-deck cross-belt system, the packaging is manually completed according to the optimal loading volume, and finally sorted by the belt-conveyor and the steerable wheel to the delivery buffer area for delivery. Cross-docking parcels are manually removed in the unpacking area to the return line of the large package, and sent to the large package sorting area for unified sorting and delivery.

①  Double line Diversion

Effectively distinguish hazardous chemicals

There are 6 large package conveyor lines on the west side and 2 on the east side of the arrival area. After being inspected by DWS weighing and security inspection machines, the normal large packages are conveyed by belts to the 2 unpacking lines above the sign-changing platform. Pour into the spiral chute after wrapping.

Packages judged to be hazardous chemicals will be rejected by the steerable wheel to the hazardous chemicals transportation line, and after manual unpacking, they will go through a second security check to distinguish between normal small items and abnormal small items. Normal small items go through the conveyor line. Send to the weighing and sign-changing area, and small pieces of hazardous chemicals will be handled separately.

②   Eliminate stacked parcel

Quickly distinguish the parcel path

The 8 sets of small parcel singulation systems in the weighing area of the renewal, innovative application of the ladder singulation design, can effectively eliminate the problem of soft package stacking crowding.

After the pieces are separated, they are inspected for stacking. A very small number of packages with abnormal separation will enter the abnormal line and be separated again. After the successfully separated small parcel are scanned by the barcode, the steerable wheel completes the initial classification of the 4 lead-in areas. The special-shaped parts are sent to the manual processing area through the upper belt conveyor after the replacement is completed.

③   Design on demand

Solve the problem of cross-border commodity attributes

The double-deck cross belt sorting loop is designed with a total of 638 sorting grids and 4 NC processing grids, which can realize the sorting of 638 destinations at the same time, and the total sorting efficiency can reach 40,000 pieces per hour. After the express parcel is scanned , the information is fed back to the higher-level system of CNE, and then sorted to the corresponding grid to complete the package.

It is worth mentioning that because most cross-border e-commerce parcels are billed by volume for aviation parts, a small straight chute and a large turning chute grid are designed to realize the sorting of different orders in different destinations. Manual collection is adopted. The package form makes the goods more compact and the package volume is optimal. It is then transported to the delivery sorting area through the back-end belt conveyor, and is loaded and shipped after DWS weighing and scanning, steerable wheel sorting according to the route, and RFID six-sided scanning.

In addition to hardware equipment, KENGIC Intelligence also provides customized information system solutions for CNE, modular design, to achieve its sorting path planning, operation statistics, object tracking, log recording, data feedback and other functional requirements.

At the same time, during the implementation of the project, according to the needs of the customer, such as the separate control of the upper and lower grids of the cross belt, the adjustment of the angle of the chute baffle, etc., timely solutions are provided; also in such areas as the on-site transformer safety hazard and the port area. It also gives professional advice on various details such as on-site transformer safety hazards, and changing the plane conveyor in the departure area to a climber to save manpower. During the peak period of the customer's work in October, the site was secured and it was also recognized and praised by the customer's leaders.

As early as 2018, KENGIC Intelligent cooperated with well-known cross-border e-commerce service providers to build an industry-standard automated sorting center tailored for it to help speed up and improve the entire process of its business.

Informationize the data, make the system intelligent, systemize the process, and refine the management. Making cross-border e-commerce easier is the mission of CNE Express, and making cross-border e-commerce customers smarter is the strength and important direction of KENGIC Intelligent as a provider of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing solutions.

This cooperation is inseparable from the concerted efforts, mutual trust and mutual assistance of both parties. CNE Express also completed hundreds of millions of yuan in Series A financing at the beginning of this year. In the future, in terms of business expansion at home and abroad, it is believed that KENGIC Intelligent and CNE Express can further deepen cooperation and create and share together.


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