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On November 23, 2021 Qingdao New Economy High-growth Enterprise Development Forum - The Fifth Global Entrepreneurship Innovation Ecological Summit was held in Qingdao. KENGIC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully been named in the "2021 Qingdao New Economy Top 50 High-growth Enterprises" with its outstanding performance in corporate growth, innovation and value.

The event invites government leaders, industry leaders, well-known experts and scholars, top investment institutions, representatives of high-growth companies and etc. A resource platform that integrates enterprise, talent, intelligence, and learning has been built to showcase Qingdao's new achievements in industrial transformation and innovation development to the world.

The companies selected as "2021 Qingdao Top 50 High-growth Enterprises in the New Economy" involve 20 sub-scenarios, including industrial Internet, smart logistics, biomedicine, and financial technology. Taking high-tech as the core, relying on model innovation and scene breakthroughs to give birth to new business formats, continuous technological innovation, pursuit of excellence, with the characteristics of rapid growth, strong innovation capabilities, and great development potential, which can effectively strengthen the new momentum of regional development and boost Qingdao New Economic and industrial ecology.

Zhang Yanqing, intellectual property and technology project management manager (4 from left)

As a company focused on providing domestic and foreign customers with intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing system solutions and the design, R&D, production, sales and service of its own core products, KENGIC Intelligent can meet the needs of large-scale, complex and intelligent projects. The scope of business involves express, e-commerce new retail, home appliances, home furnishing, automobiles, communication electronics, equipment manufacturing, national defense and military industry, medicine and health, materials, energy and chemical industries and many other industries.

Since its establishment, KENGIC Intelligent has never stopped the pace of innovation. With excellent products, leading technology and high-quality services, it has established its own core competitive advantages and has achieved rapid development in the market. The company actively optimizes the allocation of internal resources, strengthens investment in scientific and technological research and development, increases the research and development of new products and iterative updates of existing products, and realizes that it is driven by intelligent technology; at the same time, it carries out the deployment of human resources and vigorously introduces innovative scientific and technological talents. The company has been selected as the "Top 100 National Hard Technology Enterprise Stars" by the Torch High-tech Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and has been recognized as a high-end brand fostering enterprise in Shandong Province and a small and medium-sized enterprise in Shandong Province as "Professional, Precision, Special, Innovation" enterprises.

The selection this time is a comprehensive affirmation of the comprehensive strength of KENGIC Intelligent rapid development ability, brand influence and future value.

In the backgroud of the normalization of the global epidemic and the transformation and upgrading and high-quality development of CHINA manufacturing industry, KENGIC Intelligent will also continue to combine intensive cultivation and persistence in development, and actively respond to the new economic enterprise development echelon and industrial ecological growth policy, and contribute to Qingdao’s new economy. Development injects new momentum and contributes to intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing.


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