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Logistics is the bottleneck of e-commerce, and the development of e-commerce is closely related to the growth of third-party logistics.

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 E-commerce companies need third-party logistics, and the use of third-party logistics can bring the following advantages to e-commerce companies:

(1) Development of core competitiveness. In the increasingly fierce competition, e-commerce companies should focus their limited resources on the development of core competitiveness, and outsource logistics distribution to 3PL companies that are good at logistics. With its logistics expertise, e-commerce companies have the opportunity to take advantage of external resources to handle non-core businesses and focus on what they do best.



(2) Reduction in operating costs. In the operation of e-commerce, professional 3PL enterprises use the professional advantages and cost advantages of scale production, establish a perfect distribution and distribution network with advanced information systems, and ensure the delivery time limit, improve efficiency for e-commerce enterprises, Earn credibility and reduce costs.

(3) The realization of the "customer-centric" concept. Through 3PL services, e-commerce companies can greatly improve their ability to respond to customer needs and meet customers' needs for procurement, warehousing, transportation, packaging, distribution, scheduling, and in-transit logistics information in a quick and easy way. Meet the ultimate consumer and truly realize the concept of “customer-centric”.


  (4) The improvement of the overall strength and profit of the company. Most companies use 3PL services to achieve the following benefits: operating costs can be reduced by 62%; service levels can be increased by 62%; core business can be concentrated by 56%; employees can be reduced by 50%; assets can be reduced by 48%. Therefore, the use of 3PL to provide services for e-commerce companies has become an irreversible trend.


  At present, many e-commerce companies use a third-party logistics model to outsource their logistics to professional third-party logistics companies. The development of e-commerce is inseparable from third-party logistics. Without a perfect third-party logistics industry, the dream of e-commerce can only be a castle in the air.

It is reported that the rookie company will build logistics hubs in the world's five major cities, to build a global 72-hour Bida network, Moscow became one of the first selected cities. In the future, the rookie will build a cross-border e-commerce logistics center in Moscow to build overseas warehouses, which will greatly enhance the shopping experience of Russian netizens.


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