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"Logistics Oscar" was freshly released, KENGIC won Entreprenuer of the Year!

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On March 17-18, 2021, the 10th China Logistics Technology Conference will be grandly opened at the Shanghai International Convention Center. With the theme of "New Decade-Digital Transition", LT Summit 2021 invites digital transformation benchmarking companies from around the world to share and discuss the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation of enterprises, as well as digital intelligence technology in intelligent manufacturing, intelligent warehousing, intelligent distribution and other scenarios Innovative solutions and best practices.

As a member of LT Club, Mr. Long Jinjun, Chairman and General Manager of Kejie Intelligent, was also invited to participate in the closed-door meeting of G20 leaders held on the 17th this year.

2020 has become an important turning point for corporate digitization. Digital benchmarking companies in various industries have used acceleration to find new growth momentum and promote performance to achieve counter-trend growth. Behind this is the full-link intervention, rooting, and growth of digital intelligence technology from supply to demand, which is comprehensively improving the efficiency of enterprises and industries.


Benefiting from the macro environment and the vigorous development of the e-commerce and express delivery industries, as well as China’s strong demand for intelligent warehousing and intelligent manufacturing in the process of Industry 4.0 and industrial transformation and upgrading, KENGIC has been making great efforts and making continuous progress since its establishment. Recognition and appreciation from customers and colleagues.

In the 10th China Logistics Technology Conference, KENGIC Intelligent Technology was honored with "Logistics Technology Award 2021-Entreprenuer of the Year ".

As early as 2017, at the 6th LT China Logistics Technology Awards Ceremony held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Beijing, KENGIC Intelligent won the Innovative Product Award for its efficient and stable intelligent cross-belt sorting system. As one of the core products created at the beginning of the company's establishment, the intelligent cross-belt sorting system quickly opened up the market, and with its excellent performance, it successfully entered the high-end customer supplier system such as SF,, and Vipshop to reach friendly cooperation.

2021 is the tenth anniversary of the founding of LT Summit, and it is also the first five years that KENGIC has gone through. Together, we have witnessed the upgrading and development of the logistics technology and equipment field, and also witnessed that the development of intelligence, globalization, and high-quality has become the general trend of the logistics equipment industry.

To further improve service capabilities, enhance the level of the industrial supply chain, assist enterprises in the transformation of digital intelligence, promote the healthy and innovative development of the industry, and become the world's leading provider of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing solutions, KENGIC is bound to go all out.


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