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[KENGIC] We are six years old!

Release time:2021-03-26 Browse:863

On March 24, on the occasion of the sixth birthday of KENGIC, in order to thank the external partners for their support, we will join hands to create an innovative ecosystem of sincere cooperation and win-win cooperation, with "Technology Innovation Era·Resonance Quick Shooting·Joint Forces The Ecological Partner Conference and the First Core Supplier Conference with the theme of "Smart Win the Future" were held in Qingdao.

Six years ago, we were full of dreams and enthusiasm; along the way, we have overcome difficulties and made changes and development; six years later, we have not forgotten our original intention and joined hands in creating.

Mr. Long Jinjun, Chairman and General Manager, took the stage to give a keynote speech on "Gathering Strengths and Mind to Win the Future". Mr. Long first expressed his sincere gratitude to the distinguished guests for taking the time to come. Since 2015, KENGIC has been from the start-up stage to the initial development, business strategy expansion and internal capacity improvement, and moreover, it must complete the internal digital transformation of the enterprise with high quality and establish a multi-faceted Competitive advantages, show brand appeal, and drive the company's sustainable and healthy development with mission and vision.

Mr. Long also analyzed in detail the plans and goals of the key business segments, core capacity building, operation quality improvement, organizational management upgrade, and the establishment of a high-efficiency supply chain system. Mr. Long said that suppliers are an important external resource of an enterprise, and an important source of cost control and risk control. At this stage, it is necessary to face up to environmental changes with innovative thinking and development eyes, establish a sense of crisis, actively cultivate internal skills, and reduce pressure. As the driving force, adhering to the cooperation concept of honesty and mutual benefit, promoting the in-depth development of cooperation, mutual assistance, mutual exchange of what is needed, and hand in hand, can we achieve stability and long-term development.

The highlight of the conference was the official start of the awarding ceremony for outstanding suppliers. The senior management team of KENGIC presented awards to the representatives of the ecological partners who attended, and congratulated Kejie Intelligence on the sixth anniversary of happy birthday.


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