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[KENGIC events]The first Chengdu International Industry Fair concluded successfully, intelligent technology makes intelligent manufacturing easier

Release time:2021-04-28 Browse:951

On April 22-24, 2021,  the first Chengdu International Industry Fair was held in Western China(Chengdu) International Expo City. With the theme of "Industry Leading, Enabling New Development of the Industry", this year's CIIF was focused on the main aspects of industrial intelligent manufacturing solutions, the integration of digital technology and manufacturing, and the upgrading and transformation of new and old energy. It will showcase the entire intelligent manufacturing industry in an all-round way. Each key link of the chain will build an efficient bridge between supply and demand for upstream and downstream enterprises.

KENGIC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. appeared at this exhibition as an outstanding domestic intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing system solution integrator. Ms. Zhang Linjing, deputy general manager of the intelligent manufacturing division, and Ms. Xu Danhong, director of the marketing department, were invited to attend the opening ceremony.

At the same time, the 15H-B070 booth of KENGIC Intelligence gathered smart factory consulting & planning solutions, intelligent digital factory real-life sand table, and customized scene logistics digital twin VR display, which attracted many professional audiences and media reporters to stop and exchange.

The Chengdu Industry Fair not only presents the agglomeration of key links in the entire industrial chain of intelligent manufacturing, but also releases the creativity of a new round of development of industrial capacity in the western region. It also demonstrates the era of manufacturing development and the in-depth development of global industrial digitalization. .

KENGIC Intelligent uses its own core technology and products as its muscles and comprehensive system solutions as the framework to develop the development and deepening of the layout from the circulation field to the industrial field. The plan ranges from intelligent warehouse distribution, intelligent transportation and sorting to intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent informatization. Continuous training, in terms of processes, from Raw Material Warehouse, Parts Machining, Parts Subassembly, Semi-finished Product Warehouse, Flexible Assembly, Finished Product Warehouse, Profile Laser Cutting Blanking, Fixture Assembly and Welding, Base Assembly and Welding, Dynamic Flexible Assembly, Bending Welding of Sheet Metal Blanking, Control Box Assembly and other links to help customers build digitalization intelligent factory.

With the continuous remodeling of production mode and process, industrial enterprises are also actively seeking digital transformation and embracing the new trend of industrial development.

KENGIC intelligence has accumulated rich practical experience in various industry projects in its development process so far. It can continuously improve intelligence on the basis of industrial automation, help enterprises to produce flexible, transparent and intelligent automation, endow traditional manufacturing industry with new potential energy, transform production chain, supply chain and innovation chain, and further improve innovation vitality and market competitiveness.

Promote the manufacturing industry to actively explore digitalization, informatization, and intelligence, inject scientific and technological vitality into its high-quality development, empower user companies to achieve the development goals of green, energy-saving, and intelligent rebirth, and take a more competitive development pace. Industry enterprises create new value, KENGIC is willing to do everything possible.


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