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Social e-commerce is hot, and is the keen Enshi people seized the business opportunity?

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A lot of traffic is 1.7 times that of Jingdong. Vipshop will transform social e-commerce, and Netease has begun to do...

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Social e-commerce is too hot now, so let's talk to you about social e-commerce and the micro-business in front of it!

Because the outside world is always wearing colored glasses to look at these two things: say low, say Internet marketing...

We walked out of this micro-business circle, you ask a person who has never used Weishang products, they said, may say this product, a lot, not reliable, knock-off goods and the like...

Yes, there has been an unbearable past in the history of micro-business, but if the product is really a lot of unreliable, how can the micro-business still exist until today?

In fact, the micro-commercial products are not what you think, and the micro-commercial market is not lacking in good products!

Today's micro-business has slowly smashed the three no-products, the mask of the poison mask, if you think that the micro-business has no good goods, but your thinking cognition can't keep up with the development rhythm of the times!!

Then why do people feel low when they hear the micro-business products?

Just before the micro-business, many people do not understand, and are not optimistic, there is any negative news, it is also rumored, often wearing colored glasses outside to see the micro-business!

The most important thing is that the speed of micro-business is relatively fast compared with the traditional industry. The explosive growth caused by this new fission mode can make some micro-business brands use the time of one year to make our traditional enterprise ten years. Do you say that people can be both jealous and unbelievable?

Envy and hate, when these traditional companies are afraid of being robbed by cross-border and they are helpless, they will doubt that you are doing something wrong!

In addition, there are also stories of rapid money-filling, overnight riches, grassroots counterattacks, the rapid development of the industry, and the impetuousness of the industry. It is easy for people to take the agent's micro-business everywhere, which is equivalent to the pyramid scheme. ..

In fact, in the micro-business sector, in the past few years, from the simple and rude, barbaric growth of the early mask era, to the industry's crackdown on integrated reshuffle, to the stricter regulation, into rational norms, and now more and more well-known big brands Enterprises have entered!

Micro-business has become more and more standardized. You said that these big companies are still very low in their stuff? And if things are very low, they can achieve tens of billions of dollars a year, billions of years, or even hundreds of years of brand history. Precipitation and word-of-mouth, long-tested big companies, will easily hit their own brand?

Therefore, people who think that the micro-business products are very low, or they are preconceived, and they refuse to understand the closed mentality, or they are self-righteous, and they are self-righteous!

No matter what, in the Internet, in the development of mobile Internet, continuous iteration, the industry's cross-border integration is accelerating, technological innovation and micro-business marketing innovation are unprecedented advancement today, are not really open mindset, and a positive perspective!

Rationally treat the micro-business

We didn't look at Taobao 10 years ago, and people who have no serious work will go online to sell goods!!!

After 10 years, you want to chase can not catch up with Taobao, the forerunner on Taobao earned a full pot...

The same is true of seeing an emerging industry today. Don’t deny it too early, and don’t reject it with extreme mentality. Those things that you know are limited, unfamiliar, questionable, and invisible, since they exist, they must There are reasons for its existence, which is likely to represent a new way of life and new market demands!

A rational view of this micro-e-commerce industry can provide you with another perspective and thinking on the issue.

For example, the micro-business sector has solved the employment problem of tens of millions of people. The micro-business has spawned a market space worth several trillions. The micro-business has changed the development efficiency of traditional enterprises, and the bottleneck cannot break through. The micro-business has subverted. The buying habits of tens of millions of consumer users.

So when you hear that a micro-business founder says that the flow reaches millions of tens of millions, instead of rushing to any conclusion, it is easy to comment without any arguments and without arguments before you understand the real situation on the front line of the market. Fall into the subjective emotional judgment trap.

And based on WeChat social fission, the performance of geometric multiples is mad, not impossible, and in fact, the rapid development of micro-business is benefiting from this.

I don't understand, I don't understand. I should reflect on the social e-commerce that traditional industry and mobile Internet technology have spawned, and the thinking patterns reflected behind the industry.

When we can look at social issues from the perspective of a businessman rather than an angry youth, we are accustomed to adopting a dynamic, dynamic, rather than self-styled, static view of new things, we will be closer to the truth, and More closely with innovation.

Recently, social e-commerce is too hot. I also lurked in two social e-commerce communities: one is Chu Chu, a 24-year-old guy from Chongqing, who earned 2 suites and one car for half a year!

The other is the global moment. From 2 years to 0 years ago, the current valuation is 1 billion. A Beijing-based working girl named Nana has been promoting it from the very beginning. Now she is one of the company’s shareholders, and the money she earns is no longer You and I can be like...

Look at the following social e-commerce situations:

The gathering of micro-stores was established in May 2015. Today, more than 4 million shop owners have flowed over 10 billion last year!

Global catcher, users more than 30 million, the number of shopkeepers exceeded 1 million, loyal customers annual consumption of more than 6,000 yuan; last year GMV 2 billion, is expected to break through 10 billion this year, this is the performance it has achieved since its official launch in April 2016! has established a store of less than eight months. The number of shopkeepers has reached more than 500,000. The monthly flow of water has increased. When the company was established for one hundred days, the order volume has exceeded one million! The store has the largest increase in downloads. APP...

A lot of work, may be the most popular social e-commerce platform, more than two years, the initial monthly transaction volume of 2 billion last year, has climbed to 20 billion at the end of last year, it is said that the current order has exceeded JD. The object that the two giants are extremely concerned about.

In addition, other platforms have grown very rapidly and are not listed here.

These data are incredible for ordinary people, and the growth rate is too fast! While shocked, we also think about why these social e-commerce platforms are so hot!

Because, in fact, the front has already said, the year of the explosion, the vents!!!

In addition, there are probably the following reasons:

1. The second child policy has increased the number of treasure mothers.

Most of these social e-commerce platforms, mainly shopkeepers. Since the second-child policy was opened at the end of 2015, a large number of treasure moms have emerged. These treasures, because of their circles and because of their own limitations, can only work in some relatively light and leisure-free work.

2, the community is hot

Baoma is a high-density interactive group of the same frequency, and WeChat group is their main communication channel...

At the same time, the number of WeChat groups in various vertical subdivisions is very large. These communities with very high frequency of interaction are also the source of users and channels for the promotion of these platforms.

The Wukong family's operation team and the trading team's Jianying camp are playing drainage and community origins. This advantage is too great. It is also an important reason why Wukong's predecessor cut cake prince can value 100 million in just one and a half years!

Like the 19th to the 20th of this month, the Wukong home operation team brought us seed members, and through the construction of the community, the five-star exclusive scorpion half-price experience drainage, achieving 24 hours of sales of 60,000 pieces, which is itself a community A good start...

At the beginning of June, Xiaoyao and Laohu will lead our seed members to continue to deepen the community and realize the drainage, retention, transaction, fission and other aspects of the community!

3, the huge advantage of the model

The social e-commerce platform of the gathering, the global catcher and the provincial masters basically adopts the membership-based model, which becomes a member to purchase things in order to receive the discount. The member-recommended member can get the rebate of the membership fee. The member recommendation can reach a certain amount and can be promoted to become High-level member

Members can enjoy the discount when they purchase the product themselves. The member superiors can get a certain rebate when they recommend the member and the lower-level member to recommend the member and the lower-level member consumes!

It seems that the solution they use basically avoids the risk of level 3 or above, thus avoiding legal risks. Nowadays, these projects have received strong support from the government. I don’t want to say anything more about this issue.


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