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To judge whether warehouse management is in place, look at these two standards...

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1 check the time, the shorter the better

Generally, when I go to the warehouse, I will randomly check 3 or 5 items, and whether the accounts match. The first is to look at the check time, and the second is to see the match rate. This practice is very useful for judging whether warehouse management is in place.

The so-called auditing time means that according to the account data recorded by the system, go to the site to check the physical objects, or click on the physical quantity in the site, and then check the account data in the system to see if the two match, if they do not match, the reason What is it. Therefore, the audit time includes three times: the time of the physical inventory, the system query time, and the investigation time of the accounting inconsistency. The shorter this time, the higher the management level of the warehouse. Conversely, there are some problems in warehouse management.

The inventory time of the physical object actually represents the management of the storage, packaging and labeling of the warehouse items. Place it neatly, pack it in place, and clearly mark it for faster and better physical inventory. Here you can give a reference standard, 20,000 items, 4 hours of inventory time, 40 people enumerated. (Note: This company does not implement bar code, bar code management, it should be faster)

System query time: Basically this time should be zero.

The investigation time of the accounting inconsistency: the less the account is inconsistent, of course, the shorter the investigation time will be. However, here is the time to conduct a cause investigation in the event of a mismatch in accounting. This time reflects whether the system's historical data query function is perfect, whether the on-site ticket management is clear, and whether the on-site items flow is clear. It is actually a very comprehensive management indicator.

2 The system without location management is imperfect

Is it necessary to manage the location? This question is like asking "the cinema to watch a movie, is it necessary to sit in the right place?" We have gone through the right number, we don't have to check in, and now we ask for a change in the process of checking in. Everything depends on the demand, which depends on the number of people watching the movie.

The location management is actually the same. If there are not many types of items, the warehouse is large enough, each item has its own dedicated storage location, and the warehouse manager is sufficiently skilled and responsible, and the location management seems to be less important. Ok, I admit that the current business can meet all these conditions. Therefore, there are more and more enterprises that require the system to add location management functions.

Conversely, the system's location management function, just like the number of movie theater seats, whether or not you want to "check the number", the cinema seats are always numbered. Therefore, for enterprises that are still selecting or upgrading, regardless of whether they are needed or not, it is recommended to have a “location management function” when selecting a system.

This function has a long-lasting effect on warehouse management and helping warehouse management to a new level.


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