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KENGIC Events | What's the secreat of "DOUBLE 11" during the last 13 years?

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On October 20th, major e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and simultaneously opened the "Double Eleven" pre-sale. Thanks to the development of the Internet and mobile payments, the e-commerce and express delivery industries have exploded, and the "Double Eleven" from the initial "Singles Day" to the current shopping carnival season has not only promoted the popularization of online shopping, but also driven the reform of the retail industry. In the post-epidemic era, it has become a "national consumption feast" that boosts market confidence, accelerates development, and demonstrates China's economic resilience.

As one of the earliest system integrators involved in the express e-commerce logistics field in China, KENGIC Intelligent has experienced the fastest growing stage of China's logistics industry. With faster logistics processing, more accurate data analysis, and better delivery services, "Double 11" has been in operation for 13 years, and let’s talk about things you don’t know.


Since 2009, not only has the transaction volume increased year by year, but also the preferential gameplay has continued to innovate. The overall response cycle of "Double 11" has also been lengthened, from one day to nearly one month. Therefore, it also brings greater challenges to the flexibility of various circulation links such as the delivery, transit, warehousing, transportation and others of express. The flexibility of various circulation links also brings greater challenges. In order to reduce logistics costs, improve operational efficiency, and improve logistics management capabilities, major enterprises have also increased the research and development and application of intelligent logistics year by year.

Take the express sorting mode as an example, from traditional manual sorting, to the combination of manual sorting and automatic sorting, and finally come to fully automatic sorting solutions; from small items, parcels, envelopes, to large and special-shaped items, logistics processing and the fulfillment of massive orders have become the annual unified examination for professional logistics system integrators.


Since its establishment in 2015, KENGIC Intelligent has aimed at the opportunities and vacancies in the domestic logistics automation market. With high stability and cost-effective automated conveying and sorting equipment, it has developed a number of high-quality express e-commerce top customers. The intelligent AS/RS solutions, intelligent distribution solutions, and intelligent conveying & sorting solutions we provide are widely used in major e-commerce express delivery companies.

Taking the express logistics distribution center as an example, it can usually be divided into unloading area, small parcel sorting area, matrix sorting area, NC parcel processing area, non-special aging parcel processing area and loading area. According to the parcel processing form and actual needs of different venues, KENGIC Intelligent tailors the optimized planning plan for it. The self-developed core logistics equipment can be used in loading & unloading, feeding, unpacking, initial division, subdivision, packaging, and other section to help customers realize the whole process automation.

In the service process, it can target new pain points and new needs of customers, iteratively and develop new products, apply new technologies, greatly improve work efficiency and accuracy, and ensure good work quality and user experience.


As a system integrator, KENGIC Intelligent accounts for nearly half of its business in the logistics sector. Its customers include SF Express,, Suning, Deppon, Yanwen, China Post, Vipshop, Koala, and many overseas express delivery enterprise. Intelligent logistics business sector is still a bumper year in 2021. Ensuring the high standards and on-time delivery of medium and large integrated projects is a top priority in the situation that the number of projects and the volume of projects continues to increase. 

It is reported that as early as the beginning of October, the company's intelligent logistics division launched an intensive strategic deployment for the "Double 11 High Guarantee". Established a peak security headquarters under the command of the heads of various departments. In more than 200 venues that intend to provide on-site or service to e-commerce and express customers, from sales strategy, product inventory, system foolproof, risk assessment, spare parts storage, safety management, epidemic prevention and control, emergency response and other aspects are advanced in an orderly manner. Relying on a variety of methods such as 3D intelligent monitoring platform and after-sales service hotline, it is on standby for 24 hours, and a one-to-one butler service, from early prevention to instant response. This "Double 11 High Guarantee" campaign is the best embodiment of the value concept - "customer first" of KENGIC Intelligent.

New consumption patterns continue to emerge, new channels are developing rapidly, and the rich and diversified new forces of Generation Z are currently redefining and exploring the breadth and depth of "Double 11".

Construct a new type of logistics center and distribution center, seek breakthroughs and development from marketing, logistics, supply chain, service, etc., create a smart logistics industry chain, provide differentiated and high-quality service quality and user experience, and let more consumers "Comfortable to place an order, and happy to get it."

You can always believe in the power of intelligent logistics and the power of KENGIC Intelligent.


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