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Why should the e-commerce anti-counterfeiting traceability be matched with the blockchain?

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In shopping consumption, consumers are most concerned about whether the goods are genuine and worthwhile. In order to verify, consumers often need to shop around and even verify the information repeatedly. This may not be able to verify the authenticity of the goods, spend time to spend money, or buy fakes.

Compared with traditional traceability anti-counterfeiting, what are the advantages of blockchain traceability? Blockchain technology can solve the painful point in traceability anti-counterfeiting business? Can blockchain technology open a new chapter in traceability anti-counterfeiting business?

Since 2003, China has continuously promoted the construction of food traceability systems, and traceability technology has also made progress, but the domestic penetration rate has not been high. Start with the existing traceability system. Now, the traceability system of any country is the responsibility to implement people, or companies, institutions. Then, here, the main function is to use the administrative and judicial means to "retain the responsibility, who is responsible for the part of the fraud.

The current traditional traceability cannot be comprehensive, and there are always leaks. The distributed accounting function of the blockchain can realize universal accounting. The traceability model of the national account book purchaser is the standard blockchain distributed ledger, encryption key, and comprehensive application of smart contracts. It is not a fake, it is a model of universal public account, and the supervision of the whole people has increased the cost of fraud. The cost has increased, and fraud is not as good as it is. This is the social positive incentive model.

The real core e-commerce platform is the use of blockchain decentralization, open and transparent, data can not be tampering, data sharing, point-to-point transmission and other technical characteristics, the certification body, commodity processing enterprises, sales companies, logistics warehousing companies, etc. Go to the alliance chain. The information on each key node forms a shared chain of information and value, so that the source can be checked, the direction can be traced, and the responsibility can be investigated. Technically, it has broken through the drawbacks and weaknesses of traditional traceability platform information such as opaque information, easy data tampering, poor security, and relatively closed. Whether it is presented to consumers, or with the country to do important products traceability, recall, etc., Zhongteng Yunqi really core world blockchain traceability provides a very good solution.

Although the blockchain traceability technology is still in the stage of promotion and application, with the advent of big data and Internet of Things era, it is foreseeable that it has great potential in the supply chain field.

The blockchain business is also about ecology. In the near future, in addition to enterprises, the addition of government departments and quality inspection agencies will increase the credibility of this ecosystem. The product quality and safety traceability system of the fake electronic e-commerce platform in the real core world will be combined with the blockchain technology to trace and record each product. Eliminate the low-cost malicious competition of fake and inferior products, satellite tracking IoT technology accurately monitors the whole process of recording goods from birth to sale, NFC 'core media' can provide data support for enterprises, tailor-made innovative upgrade program for enterprise precision marketing .


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