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You have to know the cold chain contract logistics things

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First, cold chain contract logistics

Second, the contract operation trilogy

Third, the specific operation of three-dimensional

Fourth, the beginning of the decision to end

First, cold chain contract logistics

The customers of the cold chain are food, medicine, non-hazardous chemical products and electronic products.

1. Three elements of contract logistics: safety, timeliness, and price (invariable order).

Safety: temperature control, safety of goods.

Timeliness: Taking food as an example - food involves the issue of shelf life, so there will not be too much inventory, so companies have high requirements for logistics timeliness.

2. Focus on the future: Most contract logistics are in the development period, even in the recession period, and logistics as a companion industry will grow with the development of customers, so we must be cautious when choosing customers, we must choose in the future More development, more promising companies. Therefore, when doing contract logistics, we must pay attention to the following two aspects:

Planning the future of the customer – ahead of the layout, avoiding small mistakes, restricting customer development and affecting customers' perceptions of the company.

Focus on the importance of past cases – customers can see the capabilities of the company's services and the level of service from the case.

3, matching is fundamental: for cold chain enterprises, we must consider two very important aspects: the matching degree of customers and the matching degree of enterprise resources.

Customer Matching - Find a customer base that matches the company, focus on the future, and develop together.

Resource Matching - Review the company's existing resources, whether it can match the existing business, and reduce costs and seek long-term development through resource integration.

Before signing the project, we have to consider: Can we win this project? We can't make a big deal, but we can't do it when we sign the contract. Because the cold chain circle is very small, it is the self-interest of the enterprise to sign the contract and do not damage the final damage. When someone takes the project, others will question you.

Second, the contract operation trilogy

1. Research should go deeper: The fundamental of cold chain contract logistics is the mastery of customer needs. Through research and analysis to understand the real needs of customers, and strive to provide customers with a complete program to dispel customer concerns and reduce communication costs.

In the early stage of the enterprise, we should strengthen communication with customers, and even go down to the customer's real first line. Get the first-hand information, only the first-hand information of the first line is called to understand the customer's needs. Nowadays, many companies are taking the simple needs of customers when they are doing the solution, and then apply the original plan, and provide the customer with a price after the inspection.

2, the details are the devil (requirements details): the details determine the success or failure, a small mistake, will reduce the overall service level, lower the customer's evaluation of the company, so the company must find the pain of the customer's real needs, including the customer's difficulties The problem that customers are currently facing.

3, resource matching: to match resources according to demand, take the supermarket over-selling as an example - to match the existing personnel, capacity, warehouse, consider whether you can really help customers, meet the requirements of Shangchao. If the matching of enterprise resources is not high, consider how to call resources, but you can't sign contracts first, and then sub-package them to enterprises in different industries.

The dispersion and integration of the cold chain: the characteristics and professionalism of the cold chain determine that there will be some specialized, small and beautiful companies will do better and better. Because they have seized the segment of the cold chain, taking Shangchao as an example - when the business is changing, as long as you can keep up with his changes, the future development will be better and better. Therefore, the higher the cold chain dispersion, the higher the degree of specialization and the higher the professionalism, and the integration between each professional market segment will become higher and higher.

Third, the specific operation of three-dimensional

The perfect solution is the stepping stone determined by the contract.

1. Covering the whole situation and focusing on long-term cooperation: When making a plan, we must anticipate the future of the customer, where is the customer's development, and better plan for the customer.

For example, the layout of KFC and McDonald's in the first-tier cities has been completed, and later it will sink more into the third- and fourth-tier cities. If we do the plan at this time, if we still follow the plan of the big city, there will be big problems.

Therefore, if the company wants to see the future of the customer, if it does not see the future of the customer, the solution made will definitely lack some places that can impress the customer.

2, the details of the devil (reflecting the professionalism of the company): by focusing on some small aspects to impress customers, do not do things in the rough, giving customers a bad impression.

Does the company set up a contingency plan? How can the company's vehicles ensure that the temperature meets the customer's requirements? In addition to installing GPS, if the company can mention, how long can the customer give feedback to a temperature, so that customers can check the temperature anytime, anywhere. .

3. Turn uncertainty into certainty

There are many stores that order food and beverage outlets. What kind of design should be used to solve this problem? At this time, we can make the uncertainty become certain through the fixed line. The number of stores in a car, the company estimates or even a precise calculation, such as sending 10 to 15 stores to ensure its speed and timeliness. The speed is the speed at which the driver drives. The aging time means that under the premise of safety, the number of stores that the car will go out to deliver will not be less than 10, and will not be higher than 15. When the line is fixed and the vehicle is fixed, the uncertainty becomes a certainty, and its cost is also fixed.

When we discuss the price with the customer or determine the price, as long as the line is fixed, this uncertainty becomes fixed: how many days in total, the price of each line, and what is our cost price. On this basis, we will come back with our customers to estimate and reduce the total cost.

4. Resource matching: The program should show both capabilities and resource matching.

Capability: The plan includes how the company originally did it, how it can be integrated with the current customer's business, or integrated to operate.

Resource matching: Integrate resources, reduce customer costs, and achieve mutual benefits.

5. Price composition: Logistics should adjust its plans and operations through operations, resource integration, and perfect experiments, so as to reduce overall customer costs, avoid price competition, and win long-term cooperation.

Recommendation: The future logistics should be developed in terms of refined operations. Enterprises should improve service quality and enhance their adhesion to customers.

Fourth, the beginning of the decision to end

Presenting the plan to the customer does not mean the end, and the trial operation is the long-term battle.

1. “Long Miles”: Contract logistics has a trial operation cycle, which determines the degree of customer acceptance of the company. Generally speaking, the one-year contract has at least one month of trial operation.

(1) Reason

Responsible for the customer – ensuring smooth flow throughout the process

Reduce mistakes and gain customer recognition

Leave room for the company

(2) Implementation

Run the team and build customer relationships

Develop a plan for unexpected problems

Accumulate data, data research, timely adjustment plan

Through trial operation, resource mobilization and integration, evaluation of the ability to undertake the task, refused to "speak good, do ugly."

2. Amendments, details, negotiations

(1) Amendment

Solution correction: familiar with customer needs, through data investigation of trial operation, correcting for places not covered or not considered in the plan

Price correction: Through the operation of the trial operation, the price adjustment is made. For example, after the trial operation, it is found that the entire operation operation is simpler than expected, and the customer should be properly explained clearly, and a part of the profit should be appropriately given to the customer. Win long-term cooperation in the future.

Detail correction (communication, negotiation): Through communication and negotiation, the non-stop correction plan ensures that once it is revised and fixed, it will turn all the uncertain things into a certainty plan, and then proceed to the next. It only involves implementation issues, which reduces the subsequent synthesis.

3, the contract to get started, how to go together: maintain a good cooperative relationship and become a strategic partner.

At present, the overall environment of logistics is good, but whether it is ordinary logistics or cold chain logistics, it is the end of the entire economic chain. Future contract logistics companies should do a good job of maintaining good cooperation with customers through better services. Maybe Through the customer to bring more resources, such as customer resources, and strive to become strategic partners with customers, together to enhance corporate value and maximize benefits.


Q: What is the market space for cold chain contract logistics, and what type of business is the main customer group?

A: The current cold chain market is more than 400 billion. Cold chain logistics is a typical big market and small enterprise. More than 90% of cold chain logistics companies do project logistics, and some special line companies do simple contract logistics. From this perspective, contract logistics accounts for more than 80% of the entire cold chain logistics share. Some people think that 75% is in the bulk market, but in fact, cold chain logistics rarely has short-term projects (express, etc.), and more is still in the contract logistics market (even if it is short-term at the beginning, it will be treated as a contract customer later). ). I answered this question from this angle, so I think that more than 90% of contract logistics, this is a very large feature of the cold chain different from normal temperature.

This is also the reason why it is very difficult to match the car in the cold chain industry. The characteristics of the cold chain industry directly determine the development of small enterprises to bind one or two large enterprises, while carrying out some scattered business. So you will find that there are some well-known companies still in the contract logistics (project logistics), because without the contract logistics, most cold chain companies will survive very difficult, this market will become very difficult.

Q: Under the big market and small enterprises, can we find a demand, service demand, create demand, integrate commonality, integrate under discrete, create the basis of contract logistics, can we give a concrete success story?

A: One customer assumes that it is a restaurant. It has opened about 40 stores in Suzhou. It is a franchise store and has stores in Gansu. His distribution in Suzhou has done a good job, and now he wants to go to Gansu, but there is a problem that there are few enterprises in Gansu, that is, resources are small. If you want to solve this problem, you can take the approach of supporting local related companies, and even give some of our own business to them, let them coordinate and cooperate. In the early stage, you can send a few cars to do together, attract the surrounding companies, and then slowly sign him a long-term contract and teach him to do the distribution.

It also involves the issue of a long-distance trunk. Some items with a shelf life of only 48 hours can only be delivered by air, so we have to get through the air resources. After the air transportation resources are opened, we will deliver the goods to the airport. The cold chain freight forwarding of the airport will deliver the goods to the airport in Gansu, and the airport in Gansu will send the goods to the local warehouse for distribution. Only in the true sense, the process of the main line, distribution, and air transportation is highly integrated, and the customer feels that we are really helping him solve the problem before accepting the price.


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