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The new e-commerce model Jingdong has no source group stores, why can someone else enter the tens of thousands of months?

Release time:2018-08-22 Browse:1040

Many people may see these words may not understand, in fact, you do not need to look at the source of goods in your own JD store, do not have to go to the busy goods contact logistics, etc., this mode is sitting Enjoy life as a boss in front of the computer. No matter what product you use, you must use certain techniques to screen through various methods, etc., and put it on your own Jingdong store to add price and content. JD store group is generally The net profit is more than 50%. The meaning of this source of goods is obvious. It is that there is no need to purchase goods. The literal meaning of the store group is the store group that has been quantified.


The normal net profit of a Jingdong store is about 2W-5W, and the income is still relatively stable. Many people don't know how to start doing it, because the online practical tutorial really does not. The methods and skills needed to do this store group. . Otherwise, you will make a mistake and you will not know where to start the reader can communicate with the experienced author.

Several advantages of the Jingdong store group:

1. No need to stock

2. No need to choose products

3. No need to promote

4. No need for customer service

Doing this Jingdong source of goods is focused on skills and thinking. It is necessary to study a lot when considering the source of Jingdong. If you think about it by yourself, it is very time-consuming and there is no particularly effective result, so those successful people can grasp it. It is particularly powerful. When you see the business opportunities, you will seize it. Everyone knows that good projects can't be done by themselves. They look at the opportunities and then sneak away.


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