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KENGIC News | KENGIC won the honor of the first (set) technical equipment in Shandong Province

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Recently, the Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of Shandong Province's first (sets) of technical equipment and key core components manufacturing enterprises and products in 2023. KENGIC is on the list, and it was awarded the first (set) technical equipment in Shandong Province for the fifth time with its intelligent heavy-duty four-way shuttlehigh-density warehousing system.


The first technical equipment (set) in Shandong Province

The first (set) of technical equipment refers to the first to achieve major innovations in principles, structures, performance, etc. in the country through original innovation, integrated innovation, or introduction, digestion, absorption, and re-innovation, and has the characteristics of significant energy saving, material saving, and environmental protection. And it has complete sets or stand-alone equipment products with independent intellectual property rights and independent brands.



Product quality is the foundation

The intelligent heavy-duty four-way shuttle high-density warehousing system is an intelligent logistics handling equipment for dense warehousing scenarios. It integrates functions such as four-way driving, in-situ track changing, automatic handling, intelligent monitoring and traffic dynamic management.

Suitable for cold chain, chemical industry, automobile, home furnishing, retail, clothing and other industries.

Car body weight: 350kg

Maximum load: 1500kg

Body thickness: 125mm

Maximum walking speed: 1.5m/s

Innovation & Development


Break through bottlenecks

With the rapid development and innovation of automated warehouses, the modern logistics industry is paying more attention to the overall density of the logistics system and the integrated application of digitalization, intelligence, and informatization, and the concept of "dense warehousing" emerged at the historic moment.

At present, the application of domestic four-way pallet shuttle is relatively simple, and the degree of automation and human-machine pleasantness of the products need to be improved. KENGIC pays close attention to market trends and develops an intelligent heavy-duty four-way shuttle high-density warehousing system in response to industry pain points. This system has a wide range of application scenarios and can be flexibly configured in subdivided industries and scenarios. It uses a number of the company's own core technologies and has truly achieved the leading level in the industry.



Optimize and iterate into the future

The intelligent heavy-duty four-way shuttle high-density warehousing system is suitable for fully automatic high-density warehousing scenarios in pharmaceutical, cold chain, intelligent manufacturing and other industries to meet customers' needs for automated storage and distribution integration when the storage space is small and the site is irregular. The system can be expanded according to customer traffic, which promotes technological progress in the industry and produces good social benefits.


The intelligent heavy-duty four-way shuttle high-density warehousing system has been implemented in multiple projects of KENGIC, which has greatly improved storage efficiency and workshop utilization, and provided strong support for customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency

KENGIC has once again been certified as the first technical equipment (set) in Shandong Province in 2023, which is an encouragement and affirmation for the company's own core product technology research and development capabilities. In the future, KENGIC will further refine its technological advantages, seek to upgrade the efficiency of the intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing industry chain, and contribute to the empowerment of the industry.



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