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The company’s business process combing was officially launched!

Release time:2021-03-25 Browse:770

Recently, the kick-off meeting of KENGIC Intelligent Business Process Management was held at the headquarters in Qingdao. The purpose of the meeting is to comprehensively consolidate the foundation of the organizational process, match the company's organizational structure adjustment, thereby improve process efficiency and further drive business development.

The company's chairman and general manager Long Jinjun, heads of related departments and members of the process combing team attended and made important decisions.

At the meeting, Mr. Long first emphasized that the formation of a business process management system that not only meets the needs of the industry's market competition, but also meets the characteristics of KENGIC own development is an important means to enhance business capabilities, and it is also a practical need for the company's strategic development.

The start-up meeting of KENGIC Intelligent Business Process Carding was held at the headquarters in Qingdao. Mr. Long pointed out that"The process is related to the system and organization. It should not only intergrates the company's strategic objectives and management requirements, but also embed the internal control system, dare to innovate and break the present situation."

Subsequently, he put forward guidance on detailed work such as process module decomposition, process combing team formation, planned task decomposition, group regular meeting system and other detailed work. In the current critical period of the company's development, departments at all levels are required to unify their thinking, reach a consensus, concentrate their efforts, focus on key points, and fix shortcomings.

Mr. Long also mentioned that process combing should focus on managing the most prominent areas of contradictions, facing and solving problems. The combing process must adhere to the "three orientations" principle, that is, "customer-oriented, project-oriented, and product-oriented". The normal process pursues efficiency, reduces or eliminates unnecessary links, and focuses on abnormal processes and reverse processes. Fully authorize the front-end through the process, so that the front-end docking staff can mobilize resources, respond positively, and make every effort to improve customer satisfaction.


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