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KENGIC News | High-end Customization for Green Textile

Release time:2022-06-20 Browse:1303

According to the information of China Textile Machinery Association

Although affected by a number of uncertain factors such as the international economic situation, geopolitical conflicts, and the COVID-19, under the general tone of macroeconomic resilience and long-term positive fundamentals in China, the production and supply chain of the domestic textile industry has gradually recovered, and the global textile industry has gradually recovered. Demand in the apparel industry is also picking up.

Focusing on the needs of the textile industry structure adjustment and high-quality development stage, developing high-end textile equipment technology and improving the manufacturing level of domestic textile equipment is an important foundation and key for Chinese textile industry to transform from large to strong. The textile industry has a high demand for equipment at different levels such as continuity, automation, intelligence and greening, and large-scale customization.

The pulsating assembly line is an advanced assembly line that mainly used in the aerospace fi-eld currently. Using lean manufacturing thinking, implement assembly process redesign, optimization and balance, realize takt operation, shorten production and assembly cycle, and improve yield rate.

As a pioneer of digitalization, production standardization and process informatization in the high-end shuttleless loom industry, Qingdao Century Haijia Machinery and KENGIC have built the first domestic textile machinery pulsating line intelligent production line project for it, adopting a balanced pulsating production mode. Achieve a 15% increase in production line efficiency and a 10% reduction in labor.

At the level of intelligent equipment, RGV and AGV flexible material handling equipment is used to realize the automation of rapid assembly, material distribution, platform transfer, wire transfer, finished product off-line transfer, finished product inbound and other processes of multi-variety looms, shortening the supply chain cycle, reduce sluggish materials;

At the software implementation level, the supporting software scheduling system manages various equipment in a unified manner, realizes data series and interaction with the upper management information system, provides accurate data analysis, realizes empirical decision-making and moves towards intelligent decision-making, and establish a standardized production process and intelligent manufacturing mode for high-end shuttleless looms.


Reasonable Planning of In-plant Logistics

The RGV trolley is used for the transfer of assembly, buffering, testing, distribution, and warehousing. The intelligent scheduling algorithm ensures the energy consumption and timeliness of the material distribution process, while avoiding route conflicts.


Pulse-beat Assembly Work

Pulse-beat assembly work

Change the traditional production line fixed station mode, beat standing operation mode, improve production line redundancy and production efficiency, achieve quality control and make the final assembly process more reasonable.


Human-Machine Interaction(HMI) Improves Efficiency

According to the actual production situation, distinguish the two scenarios of AGV material special distribution and general distribution, and realize the optimal solution of single load capacity; dynamic real-time monitoring and feedback of the production line, automatic early warning and reminder, intelligently improve the distribution priority of the shortage station.


Use the foolproof mechanism

Use the foolproof mechanism

According to the design of the process flow, the layout of different material racks, line-side warehouses and KBK vehicles is planned. There is no interference in the operation on both sides, and the material turnover efficiency is improved in a safe and orderly manner, and the response time of the supply chain is shortened.

With customized demand matching and the implementation of intelligent technology, the automatic production scheduling of high-end shuttleless loom production and manufacturing process, the interconnection of production equipment, the automatic execution of production process, the information management of the whole production process, the centralized resources and the whole chain coordination, improve the decision-making accuracy and market response speed, help customers effectively improve resource utilization, reduce energy consumption, and implement environmentally friendly and green development. The project was also awarded the "Supply Chain Innovation Solution" at the 2021 Global Manufacturing Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Seminar prize.

Under the development trend of innovation, efficiency, environmental protection and intelligence in the textile industry, support textile machinery enterprises to establish and strengthen their core competitiveness, solve the needs of labor, efficiency and quality improvement, and improve service levels and economic benefits. KENGIC  insists on helping the new development of the manufacturing supply chain with professional and efficient customized services.


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