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KENGIC News | How the cross-border e-commerce gets rid of industry "involution"?

Release time:2022-07-21 Browse:1552

According to customs statistics, the cross-border e-commerce import and export scale of China will reach 1.98 trillion CNY in 2021. In recent years, with the upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the rising trend of brand exports, coupled with the increase in the demand for overseas retail online and the catalysis of policy dividends by the epidemic, cross-border e-commerce has become a new driving force for foreign trade development with fast development speed, great market potential and strong driving effect.

As an indispensable part of its industrial chain, the development of the cross-border e-commerce logistics industry also plays an important supporting role. iResearch pointed out that the cross-border e-commerce export logistics industry is expected to exceed 3.6 trillion in 2025.

E-commerce goods have the characteristics of small parcel, fragmentation, and massive SKU. Compared with traditional e-commerce logistics, export cross-border e-commerce logistics business chain is longer, the process is more complex, the overall logistics cost is higher. The whole process is directly affects the timeliness of logistics services and consumer experience. Therefore, it is imminent to promote refined management, improve the level of intelligence, and realize the upgrade of digital intelligence.

With the development of business, as a leading cross-border e-commerce logistics service provider in China, KENGIC and CNE jointly cooperate to plan and build the first large-scale automatic sorting site in 2021 - the integration of automatic sorting of East China Intelligent Distribution Center. The system project applies intelligent conveying system, intelligent sorting system, visual scanning system, electrical control system and WCS information system to effectively improve the business processing capacity of East China.


Diverter Diversion 

Effectively distinguish hazardous chemicals

The large parcel conveying lines on the east and west sides of the port entry area, after being collected by the telescopic belt conveyor systemDWS weighing and security inspection, the normal large parcel are conveyed by the belt conveying system to the unpacking line above the sign exchange platform, and then poured into the screw after manual unpacking Chute.

The parcels that are judged to be hazardous chemicals will be picked up by the streerable wheel sorting system to the hazardous chemicals conveying line. After being manually unpacked, they will go through the security inspection twice, to distinguish between normal and abnormal. The normal small parcel will be sent to the weighing and sign-exchange area through the conveyor line, and the small parcel of hazardous chemicals will be handled separately.


Eliminate Stacking Problems 

Quickly differentiate parcel paths

In the sign-exchange weighing area, the small parcel singulation system connected by the manual sign-exchange line, innovatively applies the ladder-type separation design, which can effectively eliminate the crowding problem of soft parcel stacks.

After the parcel are separated one by one, they are inspected by the stack. Very few parcels with abnormal separation will enter the abnormal line to be re-separated. The small parcel that are successfully separated are scanned by the bar code and the streerable wheel will complete the initial separation of the lead-in area. The special-shaped parts are sent to the manual processing area through the upper belt conveyor after the sign change is completed.


Design on demand

Solve the problem of cross-border commodity attributes

The double-layer cross-belt sorting system is designed with more than 600 sorting grids and NC processing grids. After the express is scanned by the top of the loop line, the information is fed back to the upper system, and then sorted to the corresponding grid to complete the package.

It is worth mentioning that since most of the cross-border e-commerce items are billed by volume, small straight chutes and large turning chutes are designed to achieve sorting of different orders at different destinations, using manual collection. The package form makes the goods more compact and the package volume is optimized. It is then transported to the delivery and sorting area through the back-end belt conveyor, scanned by DWS, sorted by the balance wheel, scanned on six sides by RFID, and then loaded and shipped.

In addition to hardware equipment, KENGIC also provides customized information system solutions, modular design, to achieve its functional requirements such as sorting path planning, operation statistics, object tracking, log recording, and data feedback.

At the same time, in the process of project implementation, KENGIC always provide the timely solution according to the request of customers, such as the separate control of the upper and lower grids of the cross belt, the angle adjustment of the chute baffle, etc. Also, we provide the professional advice on various details such as changing the plane conveyor to the climbing machine to save manpower. After the project was implemented, it passed the exam during the peak operation period and was recognized by the client's leadership.

CNE Logistics focuses on technology investment, and has become the preferred channel for tens of thousands of cross-border e-commerce sellers with its intelligent, efficient and professional service process. Making cross-border e-commerce easier is the mission of CNE Logistics.

Informatize data, intelligentize systems, systematize processes, and refine management. Making customers in the cross-border e-commerce industry more intelligent is the strength and important direction of KENGIC.

In the future, we look forward to co-creating and sharing with more cross-border e-commerce logistics customers, helping to get rid of the introversion of the industry and accelerating the upgrading of digital intelligence empowerment.


CNE Express was established in 2003. The service scope includes self-operated dedicated lines, international express delivery and international small packages. The service network reaches 232 countries and regions such as Europe, North America, Latin America, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. As China's leading cross-border e-commerce logistics service provider, CNE is an official Amazon certified SPN logistics service provider and self-delivery logistics service provider, and is also the official logistics partner of many international e-commerce platforms. Provide high-quality cross-border logistics products and services for global mainstream e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Wish, as well as independent stations such as Shopify, Shopexpress, and large domestic self-built stations such as SHEIN.


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