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Talent development | Meet KENGIC, Meet the Future!

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On July 6, 2021, the 2021 "Future Star" growth training camp of KENGIC Intelligent was held in the headquarters of Qingdao. At the opening ceremony, Deputy General Manager Mr. Tian, Deputy General Manager and Head of Operation Management Center Mr. Hu, Deputy General Manager and General Manager of Intelligent Logistics Division Mr. Xue and other leaders on behalf of the company, welcomed the arrival of more than 30 future stars, and elaborated on the company's business, development strategy, etc., combined with their own work experience, answered questions and shared valuable experience for the students present.

After the ice-breaking, the class committee elections kicked off. On the stage they are confident and high-spirited, and off the stage they have eager scorching eyes. Zhang Peng, Mao Chenru and others were appointed to this role eventually. They will lead all future stars in the next two-week training camp. Complete every task well and show every result well. The prosperous young man will be able to gain and make progress together with the booming enterprises!

This training camp specially invited industry expert software center teacher Mr. He and intelligent manufacturing division manager Ms. Zhang to analyze the industry development background, guide the industry to the trend, interpret classic application cases, and further strengthens the future stars' cognition and understanding of the industry in which KENGIC Intelligent is located.

KENGIC Intelligent has a perfect internal training system for instructors. The internal trainers sort out and disassemble, extract the essence, and output all-round and high-quality courses covering corporate culture, business processes, product knowledge, rules and regulations, professional skills and thinking training, etc., presenting a hall for future stars wonderful lectures.

 If you wish to understand a matter profoundly, you must gain it by personal practice; because you will only be able to learn the surface of the matter by only reading books. The future stars moved from theory to practice, from classroom to workshop, combined with the output of the instructor and what they learned in the classroom, and independently completed the product assembly work under the guidance of the workshop team leader.

On the 10th, the future stars were not afraid of the high temperature and challenged multiple team projects such as "double decoding", "tramcar", "air interruption bridge", and "graduation wall" under the scorching sun. Potential, training courage, and smelting the team, from individuals who do not know each other to a strategic team with full understanding, 100% mutual trust, truly discovering and solving problems.

Kinetic energy gathers strength, calmness is also concentrated. In the debate, the future stars were divided into 6 groups, each expressing their opinions and colliding thoughts for 3 debates. They were either rigorous and meticulous, or smart and ingenious, and the youthful energy that could not be underestimated broke out in the battle of words.

On the 19th, under the auspices of Mr. Guo Zengshui, Director of Human Resources and Administration, CEO Mr. Long Jinjun attended the meeting with Future Star.

Taking himself as an example, Mr. Long shared the following thoughts and suggestions from the bottom of his heart:

1. Talent is as important as passion;

2. Be responsible for yourself and your work, continue to reserve knowledge and invest in yourself, and never stop pursuing excellence;

3. Keep young vitality and striving heart, and learn to persevere;

4. Cultivate the ability of induction, summarization, reasoning and deduction, and develop good working habits;

6. Strive to become a "T" shaped talent, based on continuous extension and enrichment of professional knowledge and skills.

At the graduation ceremony, with the longing for the future and the sincere wishes of the predecessors, the 2021 Future Stars officially announced that they have embarked on a new voyage in the journey of life.

The Future Star Growth Training Camp is a practical embodiment of the attention and concern of the company's leaders at all levels of the corresponding college students. The deployment of talent strategy is the only way for KENGIC intelligent organization construction, talent reserve training, and sustainable development of the company.

The period is not a stop,

Youth never fades.

Wish you all who you want to be,

Achieve the future you want!


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