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On July 22-23, the 2021 Pharmaceutical Logistics Center Planning and Construction and Lean Operation Management Forum was held in Hangzhou. The guests at the conference conducted actual combat analysis on logistics center planning and construction, intelligent equipment application management, cost management, lean management, quality management, and multi-warehouse management.

In the 2021 modern pharmaceutical logistics series awards selection announced at the conference, based on the check-up review and online voting by many industry experts of the jury, KENGIC Intelligent was selected as the “2021 modern pharmaceutical logistics technology and equipment recommendation enterprise, its strength is recognized by authority again.

Modern pharmaceutical logistics technology and equipment recommendation companies are the company that provide warehousing supporting products and technical services such as automated logistics facilities and equipment, intelligent information technology, cold chain solutions, etc. for the medical and health field; good feedback on market applications in the field of pharmaceutical warehousing and distribution; Upstream and downstream companies are stable, with high coverage, complete categories; wide business coverage, wide service scope, strong research and development capabilities, and an after-sales service guarantee system.

The development of the medical and pharmaceutical industry is a solid shield to protect people's health. In recent years, economic development and policy orientation have driven the concentration of the medical and pharmaceutical industry and the rapid improvement of supply chain management capabilities, and vigorously develop the planning of pharmaceutical logistics centers and the construction of supply chain systems, and innovate institutional mechanisms, actively promote cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, improve the level of pharmaceutical logistics construction and management, and meet new opportunities and challenges in the new era.

With the rapid development of the logistics technology and equipment industry, automated logistics technology and equipment such as SRM, shuttles, AGVs, robots, etc., and intelligent comprehensive system solutions, such as intelligent AS/RS, intelligent conveying, intelligent sorting, etc. It has begun to be widely used in pharmaceutical logistics centers, and pharmaceutical logistics is moving towards a standardized and scientific lean management.

As a professional integrator focusing on providing customized intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing system solutions, KENGIC has rich experience in pharmaceutical logistics center construction, pharmaceutical supply chain optimization, pharmaceutical enterprise production management, etc., and can integrate the consulting and planning of logistics technology and equipment, and innovate the application of lean supply chain management mode for client enterprises, and create a modern logistics system with standardized operations, professional operations, and intelligent management.

Intelligent AS/RS Division-Sales Director of East China Department 2 Mr. Shi Guoping on behalf of the award

The intelligent AS/RS project of the pharmaceutical logistics center declared this time represents the latest development trend of our country's pharmaceutical logistics center construction in recent years. Relying on the automated logistics equipment and information management system independently developed and manufactured by KENGIC Intelligent, it uses SRM, pallet roller conveyor lines, double-station RGV shuttles, shape and weight detection, electrical control systems, and WMS/WCS software systems to effectively improve space utilization, greatly improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and can fully control data and information, optimize operation procedures, shorten inventory and turnaround time, realize scientific management and control, and help customer enterprises achieve automation, informatization, and efficiency Goal.

With the transformation of our country's pharmaceutical industry from rapid growth to high-quality development, as an important part of supporting the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the important role of its core facilities, the pharmaceutical logistics center, has become more significant, and it directly affects logistics operation costs and efficiency. After the normalization of the new crown epidemic, our country's pharmaceutical distribution supply chain logistics services are also facing further optimization and improvement of market requirements.

photo of industry elite representatives attending the conference

KENGIC Intelligent insists on innovation-driven, can provide solutions with advanced, flexible and cost advantages, and has the self-developed and manufacturing capabilities of core products and the integration capabilities of other products.

Looking forward to providing services to more pharmaceutical companies, jointly grasping the future development trend of the pharmaceutical supply chain, building a more complete pharmaceutical chain industry ecology, and fully protecting the national health cause.


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