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Project Sharing | See how the intelligent logistics system empowers JNBY

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Entering the information era, with the industry trend of individualized consumer demand, diversified consumer channels, and fragmented consumer orders, the reform of the apparel industry's supply chain has begun.

Under the influence of multiple factors, enterprises in the apparel industry have also seen the development points of automation, digitization, and intelligent transformation. Faster market response, more efficient upstream and downstream collaboration, and more flexible warehousing and logistics. If technology development used to lead the market, now it is more the market that is pushing technology upgrades to break through production limitations and better meet consumption need.

  •     J N B Y      G R O U P

As the first local designer brand group to be listed in China, the brand matrix of JNBY includes core mature brand JNBY for women's clothing; growth brand CROQUIS for men's clothing , children's clothing brand jnby by JNBY, high-end women's clothing brand LESS; and many emerging brands such as POMME DE TERRE and JNBYHOME. The product cover many different categories such as fashion apparel, footwear, accessories and home furnishings. With its romantic and natural design style and unique personality of high customer stickiness and high payment rate, it spreads across the country and enters overseas markets such as Japan, America, and Russia.

As a designer brand, JNBY adopts a retail/wholesale/e-commerce parallel multi-channel sales model and a direct delivery service logistics processing model. The huge number of SKUs and fragmented orders have aggravated the complexity of its operation process, which have brought increasingly severe challenges for the logistics supply chain operations.

In 2019, JNBY built a new logistics center covering an area of 91,000 square meters in Hangzhou, and the system solution integrator KENGIC Intelligent planned and implemented a new internal intelligent logistics solution due to the situation.

Through the integration of pallet intensive storage system, box intensive storage system, KIVA pallet goods-to-person system, DPS system, cross-belt high-speed sorting system and box conveying and sorting system, the maximum inbound capacity of the entire smart logistics solution reaches 100,000 Pieces/day, with a maximum outbound capacity of 300,000 pieces/day, which provides a strong competitive guarantee for its multi-channel logistics construction.


According to the characteristics of the building as a warehouse, the pallet intensive storage system increases the space storage density. The box intensive storage system can accommodate cartons and bins, and cooperates with the box conveyor line to connect various subsystems and functional areas in series to complete new product distribution, store sales replenishment, temporary storage of returned goods quality inspection, multi-channel dismantling and sorting, etc. The highly dynamic design takes into account space utilization and warehouse inbound&outbound efficiency, and effectively meets future development flexibility.


The four-way pallet shuttle system is used for the automatic handling and transportation of pallet goods in the warehouse. It integrates unmanned guidance and intelligent control and other functions. It can automatically change lanes and layers, intelligently level and climb, and is flexible and controllable;

KIVA goods-to-person system is used for full-box picking. It adopts mobile robots and elevators to move pallets to achieve "goods to people" instead using the traditional "people looking for goods" mode. It is configured on demand and expands flexibly with low risk, fast return, high flexibility and other features.


The high-speed cross-belt sorting system is used for store sales replenishment order sorting in retail channels or online order batch sorting in e-commerce channels. It is equipped with 8 four-stage induction stations, 180 chutes. The maximum sorting efficiency can reach 15,000 pcs/h, and it can cooperate with the conveyor line and the box intensive storage system to realize a variety of services. At the same time, the site of the second phase is also reserved.


Introduce intelligent automation equipment and information software system on the basis of specify "identity" and "location" for each product by using the RFID and DPS, then we can flexible control and real-time monitoring the business process, fast and accurate processing of orders, and efficient support for multiple models and channels of entities and e-commerce by connecting with enterprise's ERP/MES and store distribution system through WMS.

Mr. He Jimin, JNBY Director of Logistics Department :

After communicating with a large number of service providers, we finally chose KENGIC Intelligent. What I liked was that KENGIC Intelligent started from a neutral point of view, deeply understood the business process of JNBY, and clarified the individual needs of JNBY. With its excellent team, high-quality resources and professionalism to achieve the ultimate in planning, process design, equipment production and installation, information configuration and debugging, and also regard after-sales service as an independent link to give JNBY a one-stop perfect experience.

In recent years, benefit with the innovative and complete intelligent logistics system capabilities, the business volume of JNBY has maintained a compound annual growth rate above double digits. With the flexible scheduling of the software system and the 24 hours non-stop automated equipment, hundreds of thousands of apparel, footwear and hats products were shipped from the JNBY logistics center to stores and consumers across the country every day, effectively improving the overall efficiency of the JNBY logistics supply chain.

Help build a unique Chinese designer brand aura. As a solution integrator, KENGIC Intelligent is proud of today and will continue to improve in the future, and is committed to providing more customers with comprehensive product services and caring experience of cooperation.


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