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The future development direction of logistics is an opportunity or a challenge for landing logistics?

Release time:2018-08-20 Browse:1067

Landing delivery is the last mile of logistics. It consists of three elements: landing, dialing, city and county transportation, and housekeeping services. It is different from express delivery. Compared with the express delivery industry, it pays attention to the pickup. With more emphasis on the delivery process, because its source of income is the delivery; in addition, it is based on the collection of goods for the e-commerce distribution business, so it is more focused on refinement and specialization. But now the express delivery is like Jingdong, SF, and Debon. It is a direct mode. It has its own online stores all over the country. In addition, with the development of users, the requirements for the last mile are becoming more and more strict. Now many express delivery is Direct delivery to the door, and the landing distribution companies are mostly scattered, their respective operations, and the operation is not professional enough, resulting in problems such as untimely delivery, high service complaints, high distribution costs, etc. From these points The development of the express delivery industry has indeed presented a great challenge to the landing distribution logistics.


Looking at the logistics enterprises across the country, for the developing China, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises. Their characteristics are mostly scattered, small in scale, and there is not much capital flow. For the establishment of their own branches in many regions of the country. There are certain difficulties, so many logistics companies generally choose cooperative online stores, which can not only achieve the purpose of delivery, but also solve the problem of rent, personnel and equipment procurement costs. This is an unavoidable problem for enterprise development. It is said that the development of the express delivery industry in the future can still be carried out with the development of the landing.

Of course, the traditional landing mode has been unable to achieve large-scale, intensive, standardized, long-term can not reduce the end of distribution costs, which are the Achilles heel of landing. If you want to operate for a long time, you still need to constantly improve your operating model, meet the needs of the times, seize opportunities, and promote development.


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