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The trend of the times, express electronic waybill has reached 80%!

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Recently, the Beijing Postal Administration data show that from January to August this year, the Beijing Post industry business income was 24.739 billion yuan; the express service enterprise business volume was 138.4287 million, and the business income was 21.288 billion yuan. At present, the use rate of electronic waybills in the whole industry has exceeded 95%.

It is understood that the current national express electronic waybill accounted for 80%. Compared with traditional express waybills, the volume of paper used in electronic waybills is reduced by more than 70%. The tape is becoming thinner and narrower and the amount is reduced, and the amount of packaging tape used for a single shipment is reduced by 1/3 year-on-year.

The person in charge of express delivery such as Zhongtong, Yunda and rookie also said that the company responded to the call and increased efforts to promote green packaging and reduction of express packaging. For example, if the rookie launches 20 “green warehouses”, the package issued from “Green Warehouse” will use the tape-free express delivery box and the 100% biodegradable courier bag; Jingdong will introduce the recyclable Drawstring packaging bags, Zhongtong, Yunda and other enterprises. A green recyclable canvas bag has been introduced.

/ / Increase the intensity to promote the green reduction of express packaging / /

The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Postal Administration said that in accordance with the postal industry standards of the "Express Electronic Waybill", the Beijing Postal Administration regulated the production and use of express electronic waybills, which promoted the scientific and technological progress and resource conservation of the industry and improved the operational efficiency and operation of the enterprise. benefit. For example, as of August 2018, the use rate of electronic waybills in SF Express Beijing area remained above 99.8%, saving 15.2 million paper haulage orders per month, about 94 tons, and saving about 1128 tons of paper a year.

Express expert Zhao Xiaomin said that from the perspective of energy conservation and environmental protection, the advantages of electronic waybills are extremely obvious. But more importantly, the popularity of electronic waybills is to complete the informationization of the entire express mail business at an extremely fast speed and extend to more areas of the postal industry. In other words, the electronic waybill is a high-dimensional, low-dimensional, high-dimensional, low-dimensional, industry-based many fearful input, not willing to fully information, in the face of industry trends, from the past can resist, become either following, or die.

In 2017, the State Post Bureau also selected 8 provinces and cities including Beijing and 5 enterprises to carry out pilot projects for express green packaging. The Ministry of Commerce also selected more than 280 key enterprises and industries in 32 cities to carry out green logistics pilots; major brands express enterprise electronics The ticket penetration rate has increased to 80%; the shared express box has entered the experimental phase.

The reporter interviewed a number of express delivery and e-commerce companies to understand that many companies responded to the call to increase efforts to promote green packaging and reduction of express packaging. Jingdong launched a recyclable Drawstring bag; Suning launched a total of 50,000 shared courier boxes in 13 cities; Zhongtong, Yunda and other companies launched green recyclable canvas bags. A canvas bag can be reused for 4-6 months. On average, the use rate of a canvas bag is 100 times that of the previous single woven bag; the rookie network joint logistics partner and merchants launched 20 “green warehouses” from the “green warehouse”. The package will be delivered with a tape-free courier box and a 100% biodegradable courier bag; this year's "Double 11", the first time in the honey bud logistics warehouse, the zipper carton is used as a commodity packaging, which not only saves at least 60% of the packaging materials, but also makes the packaging. The efficiency is greatly improved.

At the same time, China Express Association will also cooperate with dozens of express delivery and packaging companies, industry organizations and e-commerce platforms to form a courier green packaging alliance. The alliance will work together to promote the development of green packaging materials, strengthen the recycling of express packaging materials, and simplify the packaging of express shipments, thus promoting the green development of express packaging.

//Green Express enters the accelerated promotion period //

"At present, express delivery companies practice green express development initiatives mainly in the field of many 'black technology', such as artificial intelligence and big data systems to bring express route planning and speed, new energy-driven drones, unmanned vehicles began Try to operate the labor costs and the reduction of emissions from courier vehicles, etc.," said Zhao Xiaomin.

The future of Green Express's technological innovation trend lies in ABC, namely artificial intelligence (AI), big data (BIG DATA) and cloud computing (CLOUD). The development, deepening and application of this system will directly affect the entire green express industry. In the realization. Short-term investment will be huge, but in the long run, it is the most effective breakthrough for changing the fundamental problem of non-environmental protection in the express delivery industry, namely labor-intensive ecology.

"This year is the year that Green Express continues to advance. By 2020, the green level of China's express delivery packaging will reach 50%." Liu Jun, deputy director of the State Post Bureau said. Express delivery, logistics, and business belong to different industries. To achieve "green express delivery", the government needs to introduce policies and even introduce legislation to introduce national standards.

In May of this year, China’s first administrative regulation “Express Interim Regulations” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) specifically for the express delivery industry was officially implemented. The "Regulations" clearly point out: to promote the green development of the industry, encourage enterprises and senders operating the express delivery business to use degradable and reusable environmentally-friendly packaging materials, and encourage enterprises that operate express delivery services to take measures to recover express packaging materials and realize packaging materials. Reduce utilization and reuse.

With the continued catalysis of favorable policies, the rising market voice, and the maturity of technology, Green Express has entered an accelerated promotion period.


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